Monday, December 13, 2010

Precious Down-Time

We had a lazy day at home today. The first I have had in a very long time. I'm so so so SO. Freaking. Tired. I'm always running around like a chicken without a head.

Working working working, whether it's for my dad or my own photography or household errands or holiday parties, or or or or... 

Our official vacation starts in 2 days. I'm SO excited. ...aaaaand a little apprehensive. Rylee's birthday is on Friday. We had a little precursor to that party yesterday. All the husbands side of the family was over here at our house for a christmas ornament/gingerbread house making day. There were so many people over, and we're only going to add to that by 6ish more people when my side of the family comes over to celebrate Rylee's 2nd year.

I don't mind people, I LOVE people, lots of people. ....but not in small spaces. I forgot that we had this exact same number of people at our little apartment last year, and felt the same apprehension about having that so many in so small of a space. But it was okay. So this will be okay too, right?

Tomorrow I've gotta start preparing for said party. Getting the rest of the decorations, the baking supplies, baking the cake and cupcakes, wrapping her presents, cleaning..... aaah! I probably should have started on all that today, but I didn't. I needed to rest. I was so lazy. Sat on my butt screwing around with pictures or facebook or here. Took breaks to make and eat food. Also played with my kiddo a bunch.

Got her to actually enjoy her bath tonight! She got sick a little over a month ago and for some reason hasn't liked baths since then. Probably some association with baths and puking. Huge accomplishment there, I'm pretty happy about it.

She feel asleep SO adorably tonight, with her hands clasped... almost like when she was a newborn. I miss my newborn.

Maybe someday I'll have another. ....maybe. When we don't have 2 more years of school. When we have a house with at least a separate bedroom for the kids.

Rylee still isn't sleeping through the night and I've resorted to letting her sleep in bed with us again. Which happens to be more interesting than ever! She's now 2 years, so bigger than ever and we've downsized our bed from a Full-Sized bed to some in-between full & twin sized futon. I needed the space conservation in our room, so a futon or hide-a-bed seemed the most logical. A futon is what presented itself cheapest.

Yep, real college kids we are. Living in our parents' basement, sleeping on a futon, a steady diet of top-ramen and canned foods. Ha! It'll all be worth it in the end. Even if it was just to build our character and Kenny doesn't end up with a job in his degree. Heehee.


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