Monday, June 29, 2009

Two Years Ago, Today.

Almost 5 years ago I met Kenny at Awana camp. We'd both been going to that camp for years, well since 5th grade. Yet, we had never seen or knew of the other before that summer. He was funny, quite entertaining and we were on the same team.

Later that week we found each other with our guitars in the Snack Shop playing - when we realized that we both knew a song that no one else knew, or really even liked, but we did. That's where it started.

At the end of that week we swapped contact information - he gave me everything about him, short of his social security number! Drivers license number, license plate... everything!

Not a week back home we were Instant Messaging (remember when that was cool?) each other every night. He had a girlfriend, though, so was off limits and was just another (because I had *a lot*) guy friend of mine that was cool and could actually play his guitar - not another poser.

Fast forward a few months - a couple hospitalizations for me, he broke up with his girlfriend, I shot him down - we were dating.

Dating, going to school, graduating highschool, working, working, working. Good, much simpler times - yet very difficult in their own right. Several more hospitalizations and bumps in the road for us and things were great!

One extremely unbearable hot fine day I found my self being proposed to under this fountain that I am standing under with Munchkin:

A year later, after a LOT of planning, helping with his lovely sister's wedding (she got married 2 months, almost exactly, before us), his mom had an unexpected Gallbladder surgery, and a lot more inbetween. We were married on this day, June 29th in 2007.

It was beautiful, complete with beautiful weather for pictures, a thunderstorm that caused a transformer blow and tree branches fall down and had our lovely party favors we were up all night putting together to melt all over the white table clothes:


Yes, it was a blast. The sun came out as I walked down the aisle. Nothing could have been more perfect. It was glorious. Truly glorious.

Now, we have a beautiful little girl and a lot has happened in these two short years. From a surprise pregnancy then miscarriage with twins, that Kenny had wanted so badly. To a surprise second pregnancy. To major job turmoil. To having God throw Kenny's current one in his lap.

Its been a blast and I cannot wait to see what he has next for us!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Silly Me.

So, as I mentioned yesterday, it was Hoopfest weekend around here.

Much fun was had by all. Hubby and I went down yesterday to see my brothers and their buddies play their last game for the day. The only thing is....

...well, let see... Here's how it is: My dad's business, that I have enjoyed working for/with him for several years now, made all the banners that line the streets to block traffic from traveling on a good portion of our downtown. We did 40 of these last year. To say it was Insane would be an injustice to the feat it was to get them all done. Not to mention that we had to bring in 16 other people (one of them being my SO very sweet and awesome Sister in law), I was pregnant, it was about 95-100ยบ, and I had NO IDEA that this blessed even in my town was SO big.

I was born and raised in this town. My dad was a referee for the event several years when I was very young. Yet, I was never went down to see the event, never participated, nothing.

Little did I know until last year amongst the Insanity that it is the worlds largest 3 on 3 basket ball tournament.

This year we did 11 more banners for it. Got them done on time without the Insanity.

Back to what I was saying, though. Hubby and I went down on Saturday to watch my brothers' game, only to miss half of it. We went to walk around the park but then found that there were SO MANY PEOPLE. We decided to leave. I'm not typically a claustrophobic person, but that day - it was getting to me - and had completely gotten to Hubby.

Come to find out later that over 200,000 people massed on our downtown. No wonder there was no room for walking!

The glutton for punishment that I am went back today to watch their game again. They did well, winning that game and allowing them to play one more - which they lost awfully. It was still quite fun, though. I got to walk around and Munchkin did SO well.

And, yes, that is a mohawk I put her hair in. Yes, she did get called a boy all day. I can't get mad at people, though, when I perpetuate the problem.

I think that next year I would like to participate in the madness that is Hoopfest. Hopefully I can find some poor souls to lose with me. I love basket ball a lot.

Whatever the case. It was a long day, but quite fun. Came home and had milk shakes, grilled cheese and tomato soup with Hubby and later ice cream. A Perfect Sunday.

Life Goes On

A week and a half ago I was ready to pull my hair out because Munchkin would not tolerate me putting her down for more than a minute.

Now: She'll happily sit and play with toys - or things I turn into toys - on the floor for quite awhile. I'm not talking hours here - 20 minutes - but I'll take it!

She is SO close to crawling I can't even believe it. She'll go from a sitting position to being on her haunches and rocking back and forth - trying to get something or go somewhere. Of course she just ends up on her stomach but she is SO close. Getting her knees under her and starting to move forward, its crazy!

I'm SO not ready for this, but I am too. I'm not ready because I am sad she is growing up. I'm not ready because I want her to be a tiny little baby forever. I am ready because I enjoy watching her gain ground in her daily accomplishments. I am not ready because I still have much baby-proofing to do, though it is getting better.


I'm working on making our own baby food for her these days. I'll be going down to our local farmers market a couple times a month and getting stuff to make baby food until they close for the winter. I am quite hopeful for this.

I am doing my best to expand my food horizons - I would like Munchkin to at least get a feel for and be able to decided what she likes/dislikes after she's had a very good variety to choose from. It would be best for Hubby and I to do this anyways - being healthier is something we both strive for. ...a bit obsessively at times, this will be a good way to go about it. We're both quite picky - making it hard to eat truly healthy. Haha.


In other news I am also going to begin working on teaching Munchkin Signing for communication. We've been doing a lot better in the communicating of needs recently, I think, though, that this will help a lot more. She's definitely ready for it, if there ever was a time to start it would definitely be now. She seems to understand me more and more, smiling when I talk to her and randomly laughing at times too. I think it will be a good thing for us.


Also, Hoopfest is this weekend! It's great, and I will post more about that later. I went down today with Hubby to watch my little brothers participate in the awesome 3 on 3 basket ball event. Only to find that it is the busiest I have EVER seen the downtown of my fair city. Come to find out on the news later that more than 200,000 people converged on our downtown. No wonder there wasn't even standing room! Much less room to walk and get around - especially with a stroller!!!

But, the glutton for punishment that I am, I intend on going down tomorrow again to hopefully watch my brothers' possibly last game. Its in the morning, though, so maybe I'll beat the insane crowd and just be there during a crowd. haha.

That's all for now. Have a great night!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trip trip trip

My Great Grandmother died a few days ago at the sincerely Ripe Old Age of 95. Her life was long lived, loved and quite full. She lived on her farm in Kansas her entire life. Yes, she had a good long life.

My Mom has been going back to Kansas with her Dad the last 5 or so years to visit her and other relatives for a couple weeks during the spring. - This death has kinda hit her suddenly. She was ready to go, but no one really "expects" a person to die, so she's pretty sad about it.

Dad got the money together quickly and sent her back there for a week - for the funeral and all - the only thing is that the cheap flight was 4 and a half hours away, in Seattle, from home. He's in the middle of a huge business deadline so I volunteered to take her there. That meant waking up at 1am from 3 hours of sleep, driving 4.5 hours and then turning around and coming back home.

All with Munchkin in tow. It was a loooooong day! I do enjoy drives like that, though, I get to see all sorts of beautiful things - which I love.

The exhaustion overtook me after I dropped my Mom off at the airport and made sure she got checked in. Stopping for Breakfast was great - Munchkin and I went to IHOP. She sat right next to me gumming some tasty French Toast while I ate the rest of it. She is such a good baby and will sit quietly and well for me in such places. Everyone is quite taken with her too. - Causing me some problems nearly every time I go out with her. Its neat.

I ended up stopping at a rest stop shortly after driving again as I realized I was far too tired to continue on at that point. I wanted to nap - Munchkin wanted to play. I compromised, she sat next to me out of her seat playing with toys and I got to "rest my eyes." It wasn't a nap but it was just what I needed.

It took me awhile to get home compared to how long it took me to get there, but I wasn't trying to break any land speed records on the way back. It was Munchkins first experience with such a long car ride so I made sure that the normal hours of her waking were spent semi normally. She tolerated the entire trip very well. I was quite surprised, still am.

Anyways, I'm tired and haven't felt well since I returned home - probably that IHOP breakfast coming back to bite me. Time to sleep for me! But not before I spend sometime in prayer for my Mom and the rest of the family in Kansas.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Slow Down, Baby!

What a week/end! I have several "half posts" started but not finished. I'd start them but something would come up and I would be unable to finish - then start a new topic and not be able to finish that one either!

Today, though, I have been rather sentimental. Who knew that becoming a mother would make me a blubbering mess of emotions? Me, who had taken it upon herself to be as emotionless as possible starting at 12 years old. Me, who doesn't cry during movies (except A Walk To Remember). Me, who doesn't cry at weddings and only cried at mine because my dad gave an unexpected speech and was bawling during it - thereby causing me to tear. What's wrong with me!? ...oh, that's right, I have a baby and my chemical balance is all screwed up.

...At least that's my excuse!

Cleaning my "junk room" that is Supposed to be Munchkin's room the last few days has been quite fruitful. I did, however, come across Munchkin's newborn clothes. She's not an infant anymore!!! I'm SO sad! My baby isn't an infant anymore!

I think she's got 2 bottom teeth coming in. I'm SO sad about that, too. I LOVE her toothless smile and laugh. I LOOOOVE the way she sucks her bottom lip in - it won't be the same when she gets those teeth in!

My baby is growing up and no matter how much of those moments I cherish - It still goes WAY too quickly.

Monday, June 15, 2009

What a Weekend!

Sunday Munchkin officially decided to "Do It Herself!"
She did a pretty good job at it too!

After that she got Crackers and did WAY better with those than I had hoped.

Saturday night, after being out yard sale-ing all day, Munchkin crashed HARD. It was so cute, she stayed in this position for hours.

She stayed quite asleep when picking her up to bring her to bed.

It was a great weekend. Much was done, fun was had, and we're still wondering where it went!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Time for a Quick Rundown!

What a Day!!!

What a weekend, is what I really think I should say. It's not quite over yet, though, so who knows what tomorrow will bring?!

We went to this awesome car show that happens every year nearby. The cool kind of car show. The sort where you sit and they come to you. You get to watch them drive in their glory, hear their engines roar, and enjoy!

Afterward we spent the night at my in-laws, being as we were going yard sale-ing at a massive community thing bright and early the next morning with them, it made more sense to stay with them then drive back out there in a few short hours.

Oh WOW. SO many yard sales, so little time and energy to last all day. My wonderful and oh-so-funny-mother-in-law just about couldn't leave one without something. Okay, not quite that bad, but it seemed like it and it was amusing. More so as we spent ALL day there - 7:50am to about 3:30pm - and Hubby and I somehow managed to leave collectively spending $3 whopping dollars.

It's not that there wasn't anything for us, its just that we were out to find a couple specific things and didn't find those and were also being a bit too picky. Whoops. Nothing we really couldn't live without, though.

...except... within the first 5 minutes I found a High Chair like what I've been looking for but though to myself that I would find a much better one later one. No such luck, of course. That would be my one regret.

Hubby also laments a little not having remembered where the sale was that had some decent car audio stuff and a touch screen phone. If those are our only problems, and possibilities for buying - it was okay.

I searched for storage units to contain things so as to keep them away from my quickly becoming mobile munchkin. Not much luck there, either. People were a bit too hopeful in their pricing standards. That's okay, though, I hope for their sake that someone did buy those things. I'll keep looking.

Then there are the Sun Burns. Yep, I failed to sunscreen my body up. This wouldn't be a big deal except that I burn EASY. As a young teenager I suffered several sets of 3rd degree sunburns in a summer and a few more times the next few years. Its nearly inevitable, though, I burn at least once every year.

The sad thing is that Munchkin burned!!! I sunscreened her up several times and she still got burned. I feel so badly for her! She was amazing all day, never got real fussy and slept on me a couple of times (I love it when she does that! It won't last much longer so I take it every time I can get it!).

She was showing obvious signs of exhaustion by the time we left. When we got home she woke up and was hysterical for a good hour. We're not quite sure why, but guessing she was in the sun too much today and the slight burns were bugging her too. Some Tylenol and Snuggles with Mommy fixed it and she's sleeping away next to me on the couch now.

Hubby didn't burn much, just his cute little nose! However, he's been having hip problems when walking for long periods of time and today was no exception. He was dying about half way through AND his allergies were killing him too - at which point the normally fun ordeal became far less than fun for him. Being as his mom bought a lot of big stuff he had the excuse to drive back to the house, pick up the truck, and come back to pick those things up. Allowing him to rest his legs a bit.

You'd think that was the end of the day, huh? Well, it wasn't. Some fantastic pizza followed - which was also followed by an epic battle of toes!!! My wonderful Sister-in law and I were going opposite directions when our big toes collided - her nail bent back and managed to stab mine drawing blood. We laughed, realized it really hurt, then kept laughing. It was completely ridiculous! Who does that!? Us, obviously!

I also am now the proud owner of a completely awesome chair. My mother in law was getting rid of it and I have always been a bit fond of it, as has Hubby, so to us it came!

Since this has been a post of random ramblings, I think I'll finish off by saying that I hope that tomorrow I am able to aquire some nifty storage devices that will also match my decor - or I can sand and stain to match my decor.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh My! Look at the Time!!

Oh MAN! My day got completely away from me! How did that happen? Well... could quite possibly be that I got up with Munchkin at 6am, played and played with her, took a shower and played some more.

Somewhere in there we found out that Hubby wasn't working today so he went back to sleep while I went back to playing.

Right around 10am I was nursing Munchkin and starting to take a nap myself - having just drifted off to sleep my Oh SO Sweet Husband decided it was time for him to get up which means coming and telling me he's hungry!

Of course he assumes I had been out there sleeping the whole time and not actually entertaining and small too cute for words human.

No, I didn't get to go back to sleep. Instead we "got going" which really means that it took till Noon to leave the house. Why was I leaving the house today with my sweet husband? He promised me that he would go pants shopping with me so a) Munchkin wouldn't get another hanger lodged in her mouth and b) I could actually find a pair!

So, he was my fantastic man and kept his promise and I got to find a pair of pants with an unscathed baby!

It took a bit of convincing for me to actually like the pair I decided on. They fit me by far the best. I just wasn't sure about certain aspects of them (Can you tell I'm a bit too picky?). I found them in my first 2 minutes of being in the store (no joke!) but it took me an hour and half of looking and trying on at least a dozen other pairs and 4 trips to the fitting rooms (all the while carrying that pair around with me) to finally come to the realization that my Husband was Right about this pair of pants!

He is not the best at picking out clothes for me, at least while they are on the hangers - he's more okay once they are on me. Maybe that's what did it? Or maybe it was a one time thing. I guess only time will tell!

So, I left with my new pants and rush around the rest of the day. Picking up a video card for my younger brother-in-law, picking my dad up from work, dropping Hubby back off at home, dropping my dad off at home. Going back to my home finding SOMETHING to wear for my Mother's piano recital (She is a fantastic piano teacher!!!) she was putting on for her students.

OH! AND it was her birthday today as well. My initial plans didn't work out so I ended up rushing around trying to throw something else together - which ended up okay. Just not as good as my initial thoughts. Oh well! It still went off swimmingly!

So, that was mostly my day. Summed up, of course, there was too much to ever fit into a post! Or even remember if I wanted to write type about it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

::Ding!!:: Stick a Fork in Me!!!

I'm sitting "alone" at home this evening. Munchkin is fast asleep in her crib. Poor Hubby is asleep on the couch next to me with a massive headache.

Its been an interesting day. Hubby didn't work today so we ended up going to Best Buy bright and early this morning to help get his secondary computer up and running. He has been working on it for a couple weeks now, to serve the purpose of being able to take it with him when he goes out of town for work (and, the gamer in him cannot help it, for taking to others' houses and being able to play games with them).

My lack of motivation to do anything this last week has continued on to today. I just wanted to lay around and sleep or do nothing. Forcing myself to clean things up and play with Munchkin - was good for me. Yet, I'm still stuck there.

Late this afternoon I dropped Kenny off at his Sisters house so he could "play" with her husband. I then went....... Pants Shopping.

Its been a year and a half since I have bought "real" pants for myself. I bought 2 pairs while pregnant - and had to resign myself to "its for a very short time and I'm just going to look more and more ridiculous, there's no point in obsessing." I hate shopping for pants. With a Passion.
Whenever I do this it takes at the very least 2 days to find a pair that I like, usually about a week, though. That was pre-baby! My body's shape isn't that much different - but enough that after today has me down and depressed.

Shopping was after Munchkin toppled over smacking her head against the corner of our side table, leaving a nice line and slight bruise. Poor thing.

After I had nearly given up I had found one more pair to try on and while I was waiting for a fitting room to open I continued to look around. Munchkin grabbed the hanger for the pants I had in my arm and started playing with it. Next thing I know she's screaming hysterically! Oh look, she had managed to get the hook part of the hanger lodged in her mouth under her gums!

I got it out as quickly and gently as I could while she was screaming, flung the pants on the nearest rack of clothing and left as quickly as possible to calm her down. I felt so horrible I had allowed it to happen and the adrenaline had rushed through my body so quickly I was shaking. Its amazing children make it to adulthood - but more amazing is that we adults don't die of heart attacks more often!

Having had quite enough of a day already I picked up Hubby a little later. He passed out on the couch and I played with, fed, and nursed to sleep the Munchkin - but not before I got myself some Strawberry Shortcake that I had planned on Hubby and I having tonight. As I was placing the Strawberries back into the refrigerator I dropped the bowl full of sliced strawberries and it broke - flinging those darn gooey berries everywhere!

Now, I'll see if I can score some cuddle time with Hubby and pray for a new and less full of the continued crazies. I feel beyond done! Stick a Fork in Me Already!

Preperations for Mobileness

So, I'm planning on going around baby proofing our house as soon as possible. Munchkin is rapidly figuring out how to become more mobile as she becomes more and more interested in objects that she cannot have. One of which may or may not be my computer and banging on the keyboard.

I'm looking around just the living room and realizing I have my work cut out for me!

Our Dvd player and Wii are quite accessible sitting on the floor underneath the tv. Our Cd's are floor level on the case. As is the printer, Hubby's tower of games, cables, books, papers, and magazines.

Our bedroom is a disaster waiting to happen - under the sink (yes, there is a sink, counter, and mirror in our bedroom) is filled with all sorts of random stuff from when we moved out of the old apartment - None of which is baby friendly.

Her room is just a "dump room" and I would also like to get that ready for her to at least be able to play in, or have toys to bring out to play with. Quite a bit of the stuff is "bigger" so I will need to load it into the car and drive it down to the storage facility in our complex and maybe get someone to watch Munchkin while I take things down there.

A huge neighborhood wide yard sale is coming up so I'm hoping to score some storage type things to help me get this place baby-friendly. We'll see if that's in God's plan though, many of these people want too much money for their stuff.

I'm trying to figure out what stuff I'm just going to work with her to "do not touch that." Quite possibly that will be our entertainment things - and definitely Hubby's computer - That's not really an option.

Man, I feel so unprepared for this! But so excited for it too. I just hope I'll be a good enough mom to teach her properly and be patient while teaching.

And since I always must add a picture here's this fantastically awesome one: Hubby created and snapped this delightful shot while I was showering Sunday morning.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Week of Crazy

I cannot begin to explain the week I have just had! This is the kind of week that truly does put a few gray hairs on the head, causes ones emotions to flip flop in seconds, sleep does not come easy and in the end - exhaustion like no other. When its all said fresh air is easier breathed and laughter comes much more freely.

Through a long chain of crazy events we finally got my car up and moving again, finally buying a new tire AND wheel for nearly twice the price that we bought the initial set of 4 for. We also finally got my beloved first car sold to a nice highschool almost graduate boy. I hope it serves him as well as it served me!

There is something to be said about emotional attachment to a first car. So many wonderful, and not so great memories with that thing. In fact, one thing I am *still* paying for that really burns me. Oh well, live and learn. Hopefully learning. heehee.

This week Munchkin has been quickly learning to grab our hands when we hold them out to her. She also reaches in intense earnest for me when she wants me. Also with other obnects now too! Yesterday I was holding a fountain drink in one hand, her in the other, and she kept grabbing my straw out of it and flinging it around - but not before she figured out how to suck out of it! I was shocked she learned how to do it, but she got a mouth full of soda and gave me the most surprised and disgusted face! So funny!

My only pair of jeans has become my newest pair of grunge/work jeans after springing holes in the knees, and the bottoms falling completely apart from being stepped on due to my short legs. So tomorrow I'm going to do my best to find a new used pair of jeans tomorrow. Hopefully I'll come away from that with my emotions intact.

Please pray for sweet little Baby April tonight and her Loving Mommy and Doting Daddy. She was born this afternoon at a dainty 4 pounds 8 oz. She was diagnosed with Trisomy 13 and one other Birth Defect (that I cannot remember right now) that caused the doctors to insist on terminating the pregnancy - at that time and again and again. April's Mommy went against that and carried April full term though she was told her baby never make it and would likely die in child birth if she made it that far.

God has blessed them with at least 6 hours with their beautiful daughter, but her heart was starting to slow as was her breathing. Life is so fragile and precious, we never truly realize it until we're faced with it in such a way. Be in prayer for all involved there, that the Lords will be done and peace to all. Praises for being allowed to have much time with their lovely baby April. Squeeze you children tight, Thank Jesus for them. Praise the Lord for our Husbands, Wives, Children, Parents, and Siblings, everyone else we're involved with and near to.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Refined by Mamahood

I read the most fantastic quote yesterday that I think sums up my life perfectly right now - "Marriage is God's last furnace, by which we are refined by fire." (I got that from MckMama, who got it from a pastor at a wedding yesterday! Don't you just love the grape vine?).

Its not really Marriage that is causing me distress recently, its the result of my marriage - Munchkin. Heehee.

Seriously, though, poor girl is going through a growth spurt, actually getting her teeth, or just plain isn't feeling well recently. Causing her to go from a very happy charming baby to a screaming monster in .6 seconds. It wouldn't be so bad if it was more infrequent like it usually is, that is - usually a few weeks ago. Usually now is as I have just described.

This blessed new Usual is forcing me to work on my patience and temper level. Yes, my temper. Munchkin gets mad and then my temper engages as well - already we have a battle of wills starting. I'm the mom, though, so I am determined to be the winner. (I won't admit that I occasionally end up giving in. I would never do that.)

Yes, I have been on the verge of tears, and screaming tyrants of anger. Neither of which have actually over taken me... ...yet. Then a few moments later I'll be laughing and playing with her because she's suddenly happy and agreeable.

So, this is the less blissful part of motherhood veteran mom's talk about! The loving moments of laughter, the screaming moments of anger, and everything in between. I'm learning so much, and leaning on my Savior more and more.

I said in a previous post I mentioned that she is becoming more and more of a little person. She is sitting up more and more on her own, and today she was grabbing at my cell phone while I was talking to her papa on his way to a job. I stuck it to her ear and she gave it the weirdest look. Ah, the joys of being so young and innocent. Not yet corrupted be life and everything is so cool a new.

I wish we could all live that way more. Being pleased with all the little things. Entertained by the simplest of things - a leaf blowing across the grass in a funny way. Or just sitting and staring at your new child as she is the most entertaining thing in my life right now. Her sweet exploration of the small world she knows. ....even when she screams in anger can be really amusing - but I wouldn't laugh at that... or would I? I'll leave that for speculation.

For now, I will continue in my quest for understanding motherhood - which I'm thinking won't happen completely. I will delight in her sweet toothless smiles and laughes. I will work on my lame level of patience. I will love my husband. I will hope for more nights of long stretches of sleep for Munchkin. I will love the nights of sleep I get. I will love my clean house and the chances I get to clean it. I will love her sweet cuddles with me while she naps. I will enjoy how much she loves me and smiles nearly every time I look at her. I will thank my Savior for the wonderful life and lessons he has given me.