Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two Steps Forward, Four Steps Back.

I'm getting quite frustrated with that pattern of life. I have to remember that God is in control, and try and give it up to him.

I needed prescriptions written a couple weeks ago so that when I needed them I could fill them. I did NOT give the authorization to have them filled, though! I'm SO frustrated with figuring out new insurance companies. So, I'm getting prescriptions mailed to me now that cost more than I was prepared to pay for (or even can!) AND I don't even need yet! I just wanted them on hand for when I DO need them. I hate jumping through the hoops - even when I do I seem to get screwed.

As my luck goes, it's "re-enrollment" time at Kenny's Work for health insurance. Rates are going up for prescriptions and premiums. We have a choice between 2 different insurance plans and I cannot see a clear difference between the two.

Our Car insurance company screwed us over this month as well - evidently USPS didn't deliver an important paper to them so our rates went up A LOT. I got that changed today but I'm not sure it'll go through before it is supposed to get withdrawn!

I'm so done with all this. Stupid crap. Bad timing. Stupid incompetent people.

I'm going stir crazy at home without Kenny. I like when I've got a couple minutes to myself when he plays with Rylee after getting home. I'm really excited to go into work tomorrow. Get out of the house. Have other human interaction. It'll be great. If I could only pin down this constant influx of money issues - everything would be great!!!!!

When the Cat is away the Mouse will....


Evidently! When we moved into our apartment before Rylee was born we pretty much shoved EVERYTHING we could into our second bedroom that was going to be Rylee's. I worked to get things put away as much as I could with what little energy I had. Theeeen the Baby Showers happened. That room got filled back up with ALL sorts of baby things. By the time she was born It was kinda set up. 1/2 filled with our junk from moving in and the other 1/2 with baby stuff I didn't have a place for.

My kitchen has also been a source of grief for me as well. I hate clutter and the kitchen table is always a clutter-creator it seems. The filing cabinet that sat next to the kitchen table also seemed to create clutter.

Well, I had enough of it finally! Heehee. Having moved Rylee's crib into our bedroom with us many months ago I decided she'll just stay in there with us for now, eventually she'll get that second room - if we don't move first. That second room is going to be my craft room/Kenny's computer crap room. I hate when he wants to work on a silly computer project and we have to go tearing the house apart to find whatever it is he's looking for. Now it will all be in one place.

That is still a work in progress - getting that all set up right. BUT - I got it CLEAN! The first pictures are my Kitchen table area before and after. This could only look that way after cleaning out the bedroom, though. Which was a MUCH greater feat.

This room has been the bane of my existence for nearly a year now. The first picture is awful. It's what it has been for quite awhile and I kept the door closed so I wouldn't have to look at it! heehee.

Now, There is still a bit of "clutter" stacked on top of that desk - but its organized clutter! Making SO much more sense to life and once I get a couple other storage type things those will all have a proper place as well.

I am SO pleased with it I just like to go stand in the middle of that echo-y room. Haha. Yeah, I'm retarded. My house is clean now, though!! I feel much better about my existence in life!

Monday, September 28, 2009


I always find it interesting what gets my mind going.

I was very saddened yesterday at church to find out a dear friend of mine had miscarried. They weren't trying, it was a "pill baby" the attachment for that child forms so quickly, though. I instantly felt all those emotions stirred from when that very same thing happened to me. I wish no one would have to go through that ever. Yet, I believe that it things like these that shape those of us who do into who we are based on how we respond to it.

I still miss those twins that I only saw once on an ultrasound. I still wish I had gotten a picture to "remember" them with and so Kenny could have seen them too. Kenny and I still wonder what they would have been and who they would have become. It's been 2 years now since being pregnant and miscarrying with them - and yet I still get sad about it - even though I know Rylee would not have come to be if that pregnancy had been healthy.

We wouldn't trade our second pill baby for the world. She is such a joy to us. Today she has been in just a happy go lucky mood - even went to sleep almost smiling. Laughing at the stupid things I do and wanting me to pay attention and play with her. We always wonder about our other 2, though, and cannot wait to meet them someday.

Kenny is going out of town for the next 4 days. It'll be interesting. He's not been gone that long in quite awhile. He wasn't too happy about finding out about it today. Usually he gets more advanced warning to prepare for it.

In the meantime Rylee'll be sleeping with me for the rest of the week because I don't like to go to bed alone. Heehee.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I find it very easy to get frustrated with my daughter when I try to help her - but she "rebels" (as much as a 9month old can) against it. Then I force myself to sit back and come to the realization that she doesn't know that what I am doing will help her with whatever is already bothering her. At that point I'll have compassion and will no longer have thoughts like:

"You stupid kid! Just hold still so I can give you some medicine!"

Instead I'll feel sorry for her:

"You poor girl, I'm sorry you don't feel good and don't know that this medicine will help you feel better."

I wish my thoughts went to the more compassionate way easier than they do. I force myself to think this way, I hope that one day it'll become more habitual.


My dear sisters birthday is this Thursday. We're throwing a party for her on Saturday. She'll be ****Sixteen****!!! I cannot believe MY little sister is going to be 16. She requested I make her cake for her - specifically a fondant cake. No biggie. I decided that it'll be a white base with black geometrical shapes. Now, the cake on the other hand - when you cut into it, it'll look something like this:

I got this lovely idea from MckMama after her party the other day. I had to try it out today, though, before actually committing to it. I think it's gonna look pretty sweet and'll be a lot of fun in the somewhat irony of black and white bursting into a rainbow. ...I'm a nerd.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Of Tights, Stores, Deals and other things!

I shouldn't be up anymore tonight, but I am. Kenny and I watched Robin Hood: Men in tights tonight. It has been years since I've seen it and Kenny hadn't. I forgot how completely ridiculous that movie is. Also how completely awesome.

However it has created a need in me to watch Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. I really like that movie a lot, its also been many years since I've seen that - Kenny has also not seen it before. I wonder if I can get him to watch it tomorrow with me? Probably not, he'll be "Robin Hooded" out.

We also went on a walk to the store earlier today with Rylee. It's been a long while since we made that trek. It's a bit of a walk from our apartment, and we've never gone with Rylee before today. She was such a good sport and slept a good portion of the walk.

It's probably a huge character flaw of mine but I feel SO badly when I have to tell my husband that we can't afford to buy a game he wants. Yes, he's like a little kid sometimes! No, He doesn't whine at all, just kid like in his love for video games. He's been waiting for this one for so long and we need to wait a couple more weeks to do it. We've had some rough weeks with his paychecks so we're still trying to recover from that.

Seriously, though - I often feel as though it's "my fault" he can't have a game. I'll think to myself well, if we don't buy this or if I take that thing back or.... then we can get it. I feel like we don't do much extra in life that he should be able to have whatever it is. I know he doesn't think its my fault or anything - I just feel that way. Seriously something I should get over now. I'm going to get into trouble with Rylee one of these days soon.

I like to get things for Kenny and Rylee over my own stupid wants or even needs. I'll have something in my hands that "it only costs $5, should I get it?..... noooo. I'll put it back, I can get Kenny this other thing for $10 instead!" Gosh I'm a pathetic sucker!

Although today I did some "me" stuff - I took scissors to my hair and think what I did is my best self attempt yet! Only proving to myself I should not pay for haircuts for myself! haha. Did some serious trimming back of the overgrown eyebrows. I really should keep up on those more frequently, I'm sure I'd like it better. I just played and had fun with my family today!

We left the house before we'd even eaten this morning to go to a "free stuff sale" at a local computer store. Turned out to be totally worth it, you never know at those things. Kenny picked up some stuff to plug into a few different computers for friends/family. We even got a junker keyboard for Rylee to bang on. She tries for our good working ones all the time and we'd just rather she didn't do that, ya know?

It's been a huge "hit" today, lots of love to that thing! Also - while we were out we indulged in coffee and Rylee was trying for all she was worth to get a hold of my frappuccino. Now, I share most everything with her - EXCEPT - coffee. I have no idea why she was so bent on getting it. I finished it off and gave her the cup afterward and she looooved that thing! Goofy kid.

I also totally scored this toy for her yesterday:

The toy taking up the middle of our living room is supposed to be the center of attention in this case, not the fact she's more interested in the keyboard we got her today. It retails on Amazon for $180-200 and I got it for $12!!! I wasn't sure if it was worth it before I purchased it. I had a hard time deciding but she really liked it, so I did. Now just how much it retails for makes it completely worth it in my mind, hahaha! I only really paid $4 and change for it because I had "in store credit" where I was at.

All in all a pretty great weekend so far!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Don't tell my husband!

Heehee. No, Seriously, don't. I'm starting to get "baby fever." Crap, yes, it's happening to me.

It's probably just hormones. Maybe the severe lack of sleep that is motherhood - that's probably why women get pregnant so quickly after the birth of a baby - they are so sleep deprived they don't remember how awful those last 2 (at least!) months of pregnancy were. They don't remember that nightmare of a birth experience. They don't remember being hormonal because, lets face it, they still are.

I am not delusional, I remember allllll too well those last 4 months. The broken ribs, the incessant heartburn (that had me taking Zantac and carrying Tums around allllll day everyday.). Not to mention the constant doctor appointments - we're talking 3 a week here for the last 2 months sometimes 4-5.

I spent the last month on a day to day basis HOPING she would make an early appearance because I was so miserable. She did come 2 weeks early of her due date, but I'd have been happy even a couple weeks earlier than that. I was hospitalized one day for what they thought was early labor at 35 weeks 4 days. I was really hoping she'd come soon after that. haha.

Don't get me wrong, I wanted her to be as healthy as possible. I just wanted her out of my stomach!

Then there was the Contractions that were spiking clear the heck off the monitors (for EVERY one!) and weren't even 30 seconds apart. The nurse had me pushing every minute or two - not between contractions because there was no "in between"!

I was going for a "natural birth" without the epidural. That went out the window when the contractions gave me no break, I had the most awful back labor and we were all certain that with her estimated at 8-9 pounds I'd be in labor for a loooong time (she was 9 pounds even). Turned out I was in labor for 8 hours TOTAL. AND that epidural only kinda worked. It did enough, though, for me to at least breath and kinda all said and done.

We decided that Rylee would be our only child unless several years down the road we decide we cannot live without another. I'm still okay with that. BUT. I am now in the longest stretch of time that we've been married and I have not been pregnant. All my friends are pregnant with their first, second, third child. Everywhere I look there is yet another cute pregnant woman walking around.

I said when I was pregnant, and I stick to it now: I don't know how women like to be pregnant. Nearly all of it is miserable. And yet, it's a little hard for me to think about sometimes, though. We'll see what happens in the future and I will continue to enjoy my little Rylee in every single little thing. I just wonder if she will truly be our only child or if one day she'll be blessed with a sibling she'll get to dote on? hmmmm. For now, she gets a cousin next year!

She's also so close to walking, I love it. She pulls herself up on the couch and nearly runs along it then lets go reaching for me at the end and makes it a step before falling on her knees/stomach/face. It's cute. I don't know what I'm going to do when she finally does walk! I think it'd be cool if she walks on my birthday - it's only a little less than 2 weeks away. I think that'd be an awesome birthday present!

Anyways, random ramblings to try and talk myself out of my silly hormonal/sleep deprived baby wonderings. heehee.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


After an amazing meeting of minds between my husband and I last night - my sweet child is being a terror this morning.

What began as a wonderful day turned into a nasty long one. We went out to lunch with my brother and his girlfriend and that was awesome. Old Country Buffet, only the 2nd time I had ever been there - it was fantastic and Rylee was perfectly content nearly the entire time eating up whatever I gave her. Quite a lot of fun.

Afterward we walked down along the strip mall, Kenny and my Brother went into Guitar Center and I went into this clothing store with my brothers girlfriend, A. After a little bit Kenny called me and was asking about purchasing something he found that he'd been wanting. It was an incredibly good deal. So that got us to talking.

We had just purchased new phones. Mine got stolen a couple weeks ago and we were due for our upgrade so we got new phones. The only catch is that we got expensive ones this time AND Kenny's phone required internet to be purchased on the plan at the same time. We worked out a payment plan with T-Mobile and it was going to be fine, so we thought.

I was okay with it, things were going to be really tight. Kenny's not been getting his full 40 hours a week so the paychecks have been light - but I figured the phone made him happy so it was worth it.

It came up yesterday that he was not entirely happy with the phone, it wasn't what he really thought it was and was thinking it may not have been worth it. It was making him feel a little ill just to use it knowing how much more a month it was costing, among other things.

Five hours later he came to the conclusion that he wanted to return the phone. At this point it was me who was in complete distress over the money situation. I felt like everything was my fault and that we should have just not gotten phones in the first place and I shouldn't have.... on and on.

I was certain we'd return both phones and that'd be the end of it. Kenny decided that we'd keep mine, because I like it and it was my phone that was stolen, mine really isn't costing an extra fee or anything - and he liked his old phone and it still worked fine.

After that we were feeling better about life for about 45 minutes. Heehee. Then a whole new conversation of money started. It went on for awhile, ended with crying on my part and a whole lot of serious emotion being put into what we were saying - BUT - we finally understood a few things that have been issues between us since we were married.

I'm so thankful we finallly got that out and understand things MUCH better than ever before.

Of course, Satan isn't happy with that so causing strife through our daughter this morning - we were NOT in good moods.

It's so hard to me - I KNOW when Satan is trying to kill what just happened in our marriage. He doesn't want us to become a stronger couple, especially a strong Christian couple. I know that he will bring whatever to stop what just happened. Although I know this I still have a hard time just letting some of those things roll off of me. Something I seriously need to work on.

For the moment, though. I am going to be content in our life and my husband and our Savior.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh the lessons to learn.

As I am drawing close to my Lord again I can feel and see him teaching me things. The thing about being taught is that the process is usually a painful and difficult one for me. Yeah, it could be easy if I would just learn the first freaking time. haha. Lessons would be much nicer if I would truly take them to heart and apply them daily as soon as I realize them and learn them.

It would be crazy for me to go there, though. So I must continue in my own stubborn way and continue being beat over the head with a proverbial 2x4 until the lessons are finally ingrained so deeply forgetting them will be all but impossible.

I tend to give off the appearance of being quite happy go lucky, and I usually feel similarly. That is until something nasty comes like - having to choose food or bills. It usually ends up going to bills with just enough left over to eat top ramen and potatoes. I'm okay with that, though. Its just that my very sweet husband goes into what appears to be a complete meltdown and that really really stresses me out too. So we both become huge basket cases.

I feel like this is a major growing point in our relationship with Christ and our relationship as husband and wife.

I do also think that we need to be much better about how we handle money. We're not awful as it is, I just feel that we buy frivolous things more than we should. I sincerely hope that we can both do this without much more conflict and difficulty than we have had recently.

I'm also seriously considering taking on a Saturday job to have a little extra, especially with the Holidays and birthdays coming up - and recent extra bills. I just don't know if I can deal with that on top of everything else. I love having my little mini-me with me all the time. I love Kenny's and my weekends together. They are such great times for us to really be together that we don't really like to socialize with others too often. Heehee. I'll be giving up one of those blessed days to work. I don't know yet if its worth it. Still praying and thinking about it a lot. I feel like I'll miss out on time with my baby. Hm. Much more pondering about that one.

On the upside TODAY I FINALLY paid off a debt from a car accident that occured 3 years ago!! Its a HUGE weight off my shoulders. Really stupid too - I'll NEVER EVER see ANYTHING from this payment. What I've been paying on this could have bought me a MUCH newer and nicer car than I currently own - but I have been paying on some other ladies car for the past 3 years simply because I was uninsured for, I kid you not, 1 week. I was actually on my way to the car insurance office when this stupid event happened.

Oh well, be thankful in everything is my lesson today!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

When all else fails, Blog!


haha. Last night we went to our local county fair. I love it, more for sentimental reasons than any - but isn't that why most people go? To relive their childhood, or at least thats what they think, ha.

We had fun. Kenny raced remote control race cars and won. We bought local honey. I got a Henna tattoo for the first time. We looked at arts and crafts and decided Kenny's sister should enter her stuff - because they are by far cooler than most things entered, and I should enter photos I've taken of Rylee.

Poor Kenny was getting filled with allergies, though, so he was not much fun anymore - though he did his best. I was quite proud, he hates being at the fair. He hates crowds of people - especially in a dirty kind of place. haha. He did good though and I enjoyed our time there.

Of course, all that doesn't matter too much to me now with my phone having been stolen while we were there. Kenny says thats another reason why he hates the fair, because things like that happen. I've been going there all my life, though, and have never had anything like that happen.

I was hoping that MAYBE it was turned in - because when we looked at our account online last night there had been NO calls made from it from the last time I did at 6:30pm. In looking at the account again this morning, though there had been calls made from it.

We called t-mobile on Kenny's phone right away and suspended mine. I'm really irked. For many reasons.

  • 1. Why would you steal a phone from a person with her husband and daughter in the stroller?
  • 2. Why would you take a phone that is obviously a "necessity"? It's not some teenagers with pictures of her friends taking self-portraits on it. It has pictures of my daughter - which I happen to want, thank you VERY much for making those impossible to get back.
  • 3. Why would you have waited until this morning to use my phone?
  • 4. WHY further a "life of crime"? You used my phone to call a *Bail Bonds* place - a Stolen Phone to call a bail bonds place. Really?
  • 5. I REALLY hope that they at least have the courtesy to erase my phone book. I'll feel just awful if they called people in my phone book.
...I could go on. I was trying so hard to stay upbeat and cool about it. Thinking maybe someone turned it in. MAYBE the person "found it" used it to make a couple personal calls then turned it in. No. Not at all. Its not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. But now we've gotta get me a new phone. Our "upgrade" is supposed to be *next month*. T-mobile is cool enough that they're letting us get it a month earlier (they should be, we've been with them nearly 5 years!). BUT, we were saving our money to get "cool" phones mid-next month. I'm supposed to be paying off a debt that I HAVE to get rid of this month -next week to be exact - which is all the money we would be pouring into these phones.

Seriously. What next? It seems like things can't run smoothly ever. Not for more than a day. A few un-crazy months, please. That's all I ask. hahaha.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I hate that every thing I want to write about lately is my frustrations in life.

I really want to get away from myself. As if that could happen.

I've been short tempered with Kenny and Rylee. I've been bad at keeping my house clean - which has a very negative effect on my psyche. I lack all motivation to do normal things, get groceries see people work... whatever. I hate that.

I have to force myself to get going on those - once in them I don't mind but I completely have no motivation.

I still don't really know where I'm going in life. I want to earn money from home, but all those options require spending money to make money. Of course.

I'm stressing about money, again. I hate money. I wish we could disappear from the world of money. Of course, that would never happen. Not that that sentence makes any sense anyways.

I need to be more disciplined and controlled again.

I feel so unhealthy these days too. My back hurts like I'm 8 months pregnant, so do my knees. I'm tired and easily frustrated/angered. I can't seem to get enough sleep no matter what I do and I hold my days in such disdain I really don't understand.

I don't have many friends in the real world to scream all my frustrations to these days either. They've all moved on and I need to find some new ones. Only thing is a "new friend" with which you can do that takes time to develop and I want to scream at someone now.

Oh, to be "normal" again! Now, knowing that'll never happen, I've got to try and figure out what do to about all this.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Some days being a mother is the most difficult things in my life.

Teaching my daughter "No" hurts my very soul. She smiles and does it again, so the next time she gets a slight tap on the hand and she looks at me and cries the most awful cry and wants me to comfort her.

Only 8 months old and that sin nature is coming out. She keeps going back for more. When we look at her and tell her "no" sternly it breaks her heart after she's been tapped on the hand and goes for it again. Stupid sin nature.

Then there is the teething. That blasted teething. She fell asleep at 8pm then woke up screaming a 1/2 hour later - only she wasn't awake. I calmed her down then it happened again 15 minutes later. She's been up and grumpy and clingy and frustrating since then. Yet cute at the same time. I feel awful for her - but I feel awful for myself too.

My blood sugar has been very high all day and I feel like crap. My patience is worn thin between that, my husband and her. My back hurts and I just can't wait for tomorrow to come. Only thing is she's making it come so much slower than I'd like. I just want a restful night in bed. RESTFUL, what would that be like? I'm not sure, but its what I want.

And now after crying because she was told not to touch something electrical for the 25th time this evening - she fell asleep on a pillow away from me and away from Kenny. She looks so sad and alone. My shot emotions and body are about to lose it and cry. Why? Gr. I hate this. A lot.

I'm frustrated that I've been so short tempered with Kenny lately. We've been getting on each others nerves and that makes me upset. I know, it happens. I don't like it and don't have to like it. I feel that a large part of it has to do with my lack of sleep and feeling like crap lately. Gah. I hope that things return to "normal" soon.

I know normal can't be what normal used to be. I know it'll be a new normal, like when I was diagnosed as diabetic - things had to be different, a new kind of normal. I just want things to not be as crazy and up in the air. I want things to not be stressing week to week. I need to get back in my bible and cling tight to my Jesus. I know this, and yet I don't. I need so badly to get my life "in order." I feel like everything is out of control and I need some sense of normality and order. I feel like I keep getting told "no" too, but I don't know why - much like Munchkin.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Goals and Challenges.

Sometimes I wonder if there will ever be a day that I will not be tired again.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever had the self control to do all that I know I need to do.

This weekend Kenny has had off since Thursday. Thursday and Friday were not planned days, there just simply was no work to be had. But Monday he gets off paid. We decided to have my little brother and his girlfriend come and play with us for the weekend.

I disobeyed my better judgment and stayed up until 2-3am Friday and Saturday night. Although I knew that Munchkin would have me up in the middle of the night and early in the morning. The result is a nasty lack of sleep and a less than capable body.

My attitude has been kinda sour today and I have just not been "up to it" for anything. Mornings are my peak time. I am somehow, totally beyond me, able to be up, showered, cheery and have Munchkin bathed and dressed AND make a breakfast of some kind.

After that, though, its all over. I intend to get a nap with Munchkin when she goes down for one - but it rarely ends up happening. I feel like I "need so time for myself" or the need to clean. Then I end up being grumpy when she doesn't actually have a good nap - so she's grumpy too and I'm just exhausted and am not up to par.

So, it's now midnight and I'm still up writing this post. I have challenged myself to take the steps to accomplishing my main responsibilities in life before I do anything else. Paying bills on time, Teaching Munchkin, Cleaning House, doing what I can to bring in extra money for our little family...

I want so badly to be out of debt and not have my stomach in knots wondering if we're going to make all our bill payments. I'm okay not making the most money we could - just so long as we're together. But we do want to be able to provide for our daughter and each other in a fairly comfortable manner.

So, in the effort to be more self controlled - I will say good night and to the world this evening and actually make it into bed- hopefully being able to sleep and provide my daughter with a rested mommy in the morning.

Early Morning Thoughts

I have long avoided watching the movie Steel Magnolias for a couple reasons.

One being that it just sounded too chick-flick-y for me. I don't like most chick flick movies at all.
Second being that I have heard from far too many people about the way in which it portrays Type 1 Diabetes.

People have reminded me time and time again about this movie by condescendingly informing me that I am being irresponsible by having a baby because its dangerous and I am being selfish and only thinking of myself, not my husband or child.

Excuse me? Did I ask your opinion in the first place? When did you become a medical professional from watching a movie? And just what exactly do you think I am going to do? I am already pregnant/she's already born.

Something people fail to use their brains and think about is that the movie was produced in 1989. We're now 20 years later. Do you think things may have changed medically? I do. Most medical things change in 20 years.

This whole thing intrigues me, having been apart of many discussions recently on the Duggar family, after they announced they are expecting their 19th child. There is a lot of controversy over whether they have "too" many kids or not. I'm not going to delve too deeply into that here, MckMama wrote a fantastic post on it the other day that I totally and completely agree with, so you can read that here if you really want to get into that.

Really, though, who are we to judge other peoples' decisions? I am not without sin on this topic. I have definitely judged my little brother who is expecting a little one with his girlfriend in March. I feel it was a stupid thing for them to do being as neither of them have jobs and a litany of other things.

I think that if the Duggar family feel like they are capable - then good for them! I am not a member of their family so I do not know how things "really" are inside. They seem quite well adjusted and love each other greatly. Other than that, I don't know much more and that's okay. Just like no one knows what goes on in my husband and my personal child-rearing that I don't talk about.

Others argue that she is being irresponsible to her current family and that she is jeopardizing being there for them when they need her. I think that She has probably already thought of that. I feel fairly confident in saying that most mothers think of their children above all else and want to be there for them.

Along those same lines I have been told I am an irresponsible individual for choosing to bring my baby into the world knowing my "condition." What is my condition? Where is there stamped on my body a date that says I expire? I haven't seen one, and neither has my Husband.

First of all I don't believe in abortion, and that is another topic of its own. So finding out I was pregnant sealed the deal. Secondly - why are you even telling me how irresponsible I "was" if it already happened? I have this beautiful little girl here - just what would you have me to do with her? Should I "send her back"?

Its just not up to us to make those decisions for other adults that may or may not have already made those decisions for themselves.

For the record, for those who have seen the movie, Type 1 diabetes is handled MUCH differently now than it ever was. I had a "perfect" pregnancy and no, my kidneys were not damaged in the least bit. I am in great health, for being a new and completely exhausted mother, and am proud of it.

I am proud of my husband and proud of my pregnancy and my 9pound wonder girl. I feel it is wrong to assign motives to anyone. Though, I am still guilty of doing that- I am challenging myself to steer away from it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another First

Well, this morning my baby had her first real bloody mess.

No sooner had I closed the door to take a quick shower while Kenny was still home to watch Munchkin did I hear her cry the wail of pain.

I came back out just to see what had happened. Kenny already had her in his arms and she was crying so hard she hadn't taken a breath in a loooooong time. There were big ol tears running down her cheeks already too.

I took her hoping to calm her down so I could still shower and then she started spitting out blood.

She managed to split that piece of skin that attaches the upper lip to the gums and it was a lovely mess.

Poor girl cried a good long time. We gave her a wet washcloth to suck on and managed to get some tylenol down her throat amidst cries and wash cloth.

Kenny managed to get her to sleep on his chest while I took a very fast shower. She's been okay since then. A little more clingy than normal, but that's expected.

Adventures of a growing baby!