Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Infected Sites and RC Cars

First, the Great parts of the weekend, then the Ugly.

This weekend was a total exhausting whirlwind. - Not because I went on vacation, it was more of a working weekend. 

Friday I got to photograph one of my dear friends' weddings. We haven't really gotten to see each other since Highschool but have kept in touch thanks to Facebook.

The wedding was absolutely fabulous. They were SO cute, and SO much fun! She wore hot-pink heels -

The whole wedding was a Photographers Dream. 

Got home late Friday night and 5am Saturday morning my husband was up and heading out to a huge area-wide RC car race, I followed a few hours later - taking pictures for my Husband and a Family Friend.


Pretty awesome watching all the guys race their trucks, though. They were all great, good-natured people, helping each other out when a part would break. Kenny didn't get to finish 2 races due to broken parts - but it was still fun. 

The Ugly:   

Sunday night I was changing out my infusion site. Didn't even look at the old one (cause it was around my lowerback/ upperbutt area, and I rarely find a need to actually look at the site when you can just feel for the adhesive and rip it off.). 

I noticed it was a bit sore that night, but that is pretty normal for an hour or two after the site change (well, for me it is). 

The next morning I realized it was hurting much worse, so I looked at it while getting into the shower - HOLY CRAP IT WAS RED AND HUGE AND PUFFY AND HOT AND HARD. 

....crap... I've heard of this from other Diabetic Pumpers, but have yet to experience it myself in 5 years of pumping.

Drug myself into the doctor yesterday. Yep. Staph infection. Antibiotics, Hot Pad and lots of water - hopefully I won't have to go back and have it drained. 

Yeesh, I had no idea an infected site could hurt so bad! Just to have anything touching or rubbing or push against it is like torture. ...okay, maybe that's a little dramatic - but it's awful. 

Consequently the infection plus the antibiotics I'm not at my greatest. 

My baby sister is graduating on Friday, and a full weekend ahead, and pictures to deliver. Best get back to it!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Hi Bethany!

I know this is an old post, but is it ever too old for a fresh comment? NO is the answer to that Q! :-)

Sorry to hear about the infection. I've not had to deal with one before either, but I bet it's just a matter of time for most of us, right?

And yo, those RC car pictures are totally badass.

Hope you are well!

Sid said...

First I have to say that get well soon and you must take care because these infactions are dangerous to health. The pics of RC cars are amazing.


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