Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Year, New Beginnings

Hello to anyone who periodically checks this seemingly dead blog! I decided to completely scrap everything that was here before and start over. As the title suggests it is a new year and I wanted to start this off new as well.

2009. How did we get here already?? I had to look at my calendar today to make sure that it was indeed 2009, I'm still stuck in 2008 in my head thinking that "last year" was 2007 - but then that would be the year Kenny and I were married and now it's been a year and a half since that blessed event! Where did the time go? Seriously, I feel like I've lived the last two years, maybe even 3 on "fast forward" and I missed so much.

One month ago today my little girl was born! December 17th, 2008, our little 9 pounder brought in the biggest snow storm we've had since the Ice Storm of '96. 3 weeks straight of constant snow and an accumulated 80 some inches on the north side of our town - thereby vindicating all who have held fast in their love for their SUV's. - I am quite thankful for the couple of SUV drivers who bailed me out of a couple nasty situations and helping me get home safe and sound.

It has been a month since Kenny's and my life has changed drastically yet again. Rylee entered our world and has been such a joy to us. It's still so surreal to me - this baby is *mine*. How is that possible? MY daughter, that we will raise and take care of and she is ours to keep.

Babies are so amazing. The whole 9 months to "make" them is amazing. Something that starts on the molecular level becomes a baby. She has grown so much even in the last month. She's still "tiny" looking but has become much more aware of her surroundings and her life, she has gained more control over her body too - she had a lot at birth too so its really cool to see her get better at holding her head and moving her body around. She's our little princess and although she wasn't our plan yet - we would hate life without her. God has truly blessed us in every way and I thank him for it.

So, there was a bunch of ramblings, hopefully I'll have a much better put together post for next time. Here's to starting the new year of life and adventure!


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