Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not a Baby anymore

My kiddo is growing so much! I was going through pictures they other day trying to dig up some old ones for my up and coming photography website, and to put a better portfolio in order for myself - and I realized that we moved into my in-laws nearly a year ago. My little baby girl was still baby-ish at the time, she's totally not anymore! I'm so sad!!!

Her hair has grown at least twice as long, she's gotten REALLY tall, her feet have grown a TON. She's using real sentences now. Kenny and I were realizing the other day that she actually has better sentence structure than a lot of jr.highers and highschoolers these days. Yeah, I'm bragging a little.

She is in love with babies, thomas the tank engine - and - Toy Story!

It's totally cute, she loves Buzz and Woody and Jessie and Bullsye.

I wish she had a sibling. There. I'm saying it. Had to get it out of my system. She would be an excellent big sister, and would (hopefully) help with her serious mama-jealousy and problems being around other kids. She's so antisocial it's pretty awful. We're working on that.

See what I mean, though? 

She's a real person these days. Not just a baby any more. A person.



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