Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life, my life and change.

I never cease to be amazed at Life.

A year ago I wrote in another blog my feelings on Life and losing a person who is well loved. But I still am amazed by it all. Its coming up on the first anniversary of Sarah's murder, and I can't help but be a little sad about it. My husband's grandfather just went to be with our Lord, and that was such a bittersweet thing. And then there are new babies being born so close together.

Its amazing how often God will console our grief for our loss of a life with the blessing of a new life to pour ourselves into. He knows we grieve because we will miss the individual, and his comforts and timing are better than we could ever come up with. And many times I forget this.

Gods timing is so perfect and he continues to remind me of this. A year ago this time Kenny and I were barely "making it" financially, to say the least while he was working at best buy and I was working with my dad, having taken temporary leave from my Victorias Secret job due to my miscarriage Nov. of '07. A few months later in April we found out I was yet again pregnant, and still not making much money, we began to wonder how the next year would play out.

So many questions and things to resolve - such as - how will we both be able to take time off work for the baby to come? How would we even be able to afford me to take the needed time off work to have a baby? Then at the end of June God brought to Kenny a new amazing job offer. Really the best thing for us and him. Thanks to Gods provision we were able to purchase the things we needed prior to the baby coming. We were able to put a deposit on a bigger apartment and able to make it through not getting our previous deposit back. And now we're doing fine with me taking time away from work to be with our baby.

I love spending time with her. I wanted to go back to work right away, before Rylee came, but I have realized how quickly they grow and I want to spend as much quality time with her as I can. Unless God has more to say about this matter, we'll only ever have maybe one more kid, maybe. So I don't want to lose this precious amount of time I have to spend with Rylee as a baby. Its really amazing to see her grow and learn, and I love it. I love how perfectly God orchastrates things. Now I just need to remember that... :D


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