Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, it seems now we're in that seemingly unending transition stage of life.

Winter is on its way out, yet still here and not ready to relinquish its hold on the weather for Spring. Spring is trying to inch its way in and has brought rain. Yet, the temperatures are ridiculously cold. The trees are desperately trying to hold on to the thought of spring, I noticed several trees at my parents' house turning green with branches full of leaf buds - and Tulips trying to inch their way out of the ground. Don't they know that it's still going to be below freezing most nights for another month or more? Spokane isn't a town with predictable weather patterns other than "it's sunny now, could change in the next 5 minutes."

Everyone is asking me now if I'm sleeping at night and if I want my sleep back. All coming from knowing sympathetic individuals. The funny thing is I sleep more/better now than I did when 7-9 months pregnant. It was IMPOSSIBLE to get comfortable and even to lay down normally on my back or sides, I had heartburn and reflux so bad that I pretty much had completely sleepless nights those last couple months. I am SO thankful for the sleep I am now getting.
That said, the sleeplessness that I do get from Rylee being up at night is catching up with me. I could easily take a couple naps in the day if I wasn't obsessive about getting a few dishes and a load of laundry done, hopefully put some things away and keep my house from driving me insane while Rylee is napping.
In the evenings when Kenny is home from work in the evenings we'll often try and watch a movie or something together and I almost can't make it past 10:00 and definitely can't make it till 11:00pm anymore. I was never one to fall asleep during movies, but I just can't hack it now. Haha! Figures my years of staying up till whenever I wanted and being able to get up and function on an hour of sleep are long gone!
I have also gone back to work. Only a couple days a week, but it's one more thing, and one more reason to not get a nap during the day. I love being able to take Rylee with me to work. It blesses me so much to be able to continue to be mom during work. I have to thank my Dad so much for that.

I love winter and am always sad to see that season leave. But having a new baby kinda makes me wish spring would come. I'm so excited to be able to see the world become green again and be able to take Rylee out in it. I love how God moves one season to the next, each as beautiful and unique as the one before. It excites me to see what new things he has in store for my life and those that are apart of my life.

Here's to a new tomorrow, a new spring and a new year of life!


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