Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Numbers, Blues, and Gadgets.

I've mentioned before that one of my biggest concerns - one I also have no way to do anything about - is that Rylee will become diabetic too. I know the signs and get a little panicky whenever I think Rylee is exhibiting any one of them. Then I force myself to realize that she's fine, it's a normal toddler behavior to drink and pee a lot - just because they are playing AND it's hot out, and she definitely doesn't do it all the time. Nonetheless, it's still always in the back of my mind. 

So, when she scratched herself pretty good the other night and had a nice drop of blood sitting on her nose Kenny and I thought "hey! We should test her blood sugar just because we shouldn't waste such a nice drop of blood" (uh, yeah, we're freaks).

Can you guess how surprised we were when this came up on the meter:

Yeah, Kenny and I both looked at each other with that "oh crap" look. Then we both thought, she's got to have sugar on her face, she's a kid - she's *always* got sugar of some kind on her skin. So I broke out the alcohol swabs (being a "pro" at being diabetic, I always feel that I have risen above the need to use those things), swabbed her hand, put a new needle in the Lancet - poked her hand a retested. I nice 104mg/dl showed up.

We breathed a sigh of relief - she did just have sugar all over her face - like usual. We both swear she's a sticky factory.

Moving on... sort of... I snapped this picture the other day:

Cause it struck me funny.

No, I really don't love that shade of blue. Seriously. I'm more of a bright/turquoise-ish blue person. My pump is that color blue because I was tired of Black and Silver - and Blue was the only other choice I was allowed. My phone's case is only that color blue because it's the case that came with my phone - not the color I would have chose if I were, you know, choosing it. My meter - well, that just happens to be the particular one I could find in a pinch last week and it made its way into the rotation for the currently used meter.

I didn't even realize that my main gadgets were all matching until the day I snapped that picture. I had them all sitting next to each other during a infusion site change (yes, it took me until they were all right next to each other). Seriously, though, that's not my favorite color.

My new pump -  it's going to be lime green! It'll match my bed spread and I'll probably lose it in my sleep. But it'll be great.

Okay, I'll leave you with this:

I said it was falling apart. There's more to the "falling apart" but that's the most notable/visible.
Come ON doctor! Get that dang prescription faxed back to Animas stat!!!


sweets said...
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sweets said...

I would have freaked out too if I were you! But glad to hear it was nothing but a sugar covered face!

Lol at your colour coordination! I have a green iPod, purple pump, and my meter is standard blck/silver - the one I have does not come in any other colours. I also have a meter like the one you have, I think in pink (hardly use it..) - so my gadgets are all different!

And yes, your pump is definitely falling apart! How often are you able to change pumps?

Bee said...

Yeah, My colors will not be so coordinated in a couple weeks! I'll have the black/silver meter, a green pump and probably still have the blue phone case. Ha!

Animas will send me a new pump any time mine malfunctions - when it's under warranty. My current one is out of warranty. - Which is the reason why I'm getting a new one, with a new warranty. :)

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