Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cabin Fever

We're suffering from cabin fever majorly here at my house. Rylee wants to go play outside so bad, but our stupid "spring" weather can go from 20 degrees to 40 degrees to 16 degrees in a day. It can also go from sunny, to rainy, to snowy, to hail, to sun, to rain to.... all in a day as well. The ground is mushy and everything is wet and gray. There is dog poop up to our eyeballs in our backyard because it's been so gross no one wants to go out and clean it up. Some random neighborhood dog has been laying huge piles in our front yard - so that's out as a play area too.

When I'm not working either on photos, returning emails & phone calls, or helping my dad out we almost always end up taking a trip to Target or a thrift store just to go out. Usually I'm really good and the most money we spend is on a juice or something 'special' from the gas station. Other times I just can't help myself when I find a great prop from a thrift store.

Rylee is also on month 2 of non stop colds. Everytime she gets over one she ends up exposed to another from a friend or cousin and gets sick all over again. I finally took her to the doctor a couple nights ago just to make sure it wasn't something more serious that she'd need an antibiotic for - nope! Just another freaking cold. Doctor Mom here says it's an Upper Respiratory Infection. I've had more than my fair share of those darn things and this time it acts and sounds just like one. Poor kid is so congested she can hardly breath when she naps/sleeps - so she sleeps badly. Then she's cranky and clingy the rest of the day - with happy moments here and there.

I've got the humidifier doing full-time duty the last few days, I've got the Vicks liquid added to the humidifier water, the Vicks alternated between her chest and feet, Ibuprofen to help inflammation....

So done with this. I've gotten very few pictures edited from my Sunday photo session because every time I go to work on one the kiddo needs me again. Kenny is in Finals week at school and it doesn't end until next Friday - but that's his last day of school for the quarter - and we're off for a week.

My best friend is gonna have a baby any time (well, her due date isn't until the 27th, but all mom's know how due-dates and labor actually works) and I'm so excited to head back down to Portland to do her newborn photos.

Spending the weekend at her place for her babyshower was so much fun. Doing her maternity photos was a total blessing for me. I'll leave you with a few of her maternity photos for today, enjoy!



sweets said...

Seems like things have been hectic!

Hope Rylee gets better soon. Can't be fun having a cold upon cold..

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