Saturday, March 12, 2011

Colds colds go away!

Rylee has never been as sick as she has this week. Took her back to the doctor last night because I knew there was something more going on than just a cold. We found an ear infection this time, a new development from last week. So, we've finally got a prescription that'll take care of her ear-infection and most likely her chest problem too. Didn't sound like Pneumonia, but if it was something bacterial it should be taken care of with the the antibiotic.

So, while we were waiting for her prescription to be filled yesterday I took her across the street and shot these delightful photos! I love having a dress-up-doll (toddler)!

And today my awesome husband took us on an impromptu  drive up to Mt.Spokane and after doing my share of picture taking my husband made me get In-Front of the camera!

Heaven-forbid I'd actually be in-front of the camera.  Heehee. No, I spend life looking through a lens. I love it. I love having our daughters life documented and I love helping to document other people's children as they grow too.

 She's 2 years and almost 3 months, now. Kenny's Birthday is in a few days. I am in no way ready for his birthday. I always have plans, I always have his gift purchased weeks-months in advance... not this year. It's been a little nuts, though, between school-work-work-kid-life. I'm hoping that I'll have it figured out later tonight, or by Monday at least. Haha.


sweets said...

Oh poor Rylee... Hope the ear infection and her chest clears soon!

The pictures are beautiful.

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