Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Life....

Today is supposed to be the first day of Spring. It certainly does not feel very spring like, there is a cold icy wind outside and it's cloudy, no buds on our trees and we got an inch of snow yesterday morning (it's all melted now).

Spring signifies new life, but I can't help be sad today - a dear friend of mine said goodbye to her baby girl yesterday. She delivered at about 24 weeks, the little one was diagnosed with Anencephaly and the little one was going to make it past birth if even to full term.

They chose to induce labor, she was born yesterday morning, and went to be with Jesus at the same time. They got to hold her and spend some time with her and their families.

Any mom/parent can instantly feel that pang in their heart at the thought of losing their baby. Having lost my own, I know how heartbreaking the whole process can be.

So thankful for my little Rylee girl. It's actually been a bit of a rough weekend for me, not sure why. Rylee almost certainly being our only child hit me (again) this weekend. I'm totally enjoying her development. Yesterday it became apparent that she has hit a new stage - being genuinely scared of things.

She's growing up. Playing. Talking. Choosing to "Play with toys" over her dinner. Requesting that we play with her. Laughing when the rest of us laugh to be 'apart of the group.'  My baby is rapidly running away from me. I really do enjoy every moment. She is my entertainment, I prefer to watch her for hours on end over TV. She's so funny to watch. I've said it before - but I LOVE to watch the way her brain thinks about things.

I'm sick of not being in Church. It's been over 2 years since we've been there consistently.  I was so frustrated this morning because I wanted to go to church, was getting up to get ready and realized I had forgotten that we have to get up at about 7 just to be able to get in the shower as there are 5 of us that take them on Sunday mornings - and the hot water just doesn't last that long. I know it sounds so trivial... but we are a family of obsessive people that all need a shower to function in the morning, so there isn't much of a way around that.

Kenny's got 2 quarters of school down and [hopefully] only 6 more!  It's 2 more years of school, but thinking of it as 6 quarters feels more attainable/shorter. I'm pretty sure he's got a 4.0 or close in all his classes. I'm so proud of him. I also can't wait to be living in our own house again.

I just miss it, ya know? Every time I see our storage pile of stuff I wonder why I'm even keeping it - oh yeah, I love it and would really like to use it again. ...but maybe we should sell it and just get new stuff... that would cost so much more... but.... yeah. I'm a downer on this Sunday.


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