Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CD Mama!

Yep, I have officially stepped into the world of Cloth Diapering.

2 weeks ago I went to a friends baby shower and we got talking about cloth diapering. I have been very against it for years - but for no reason but my own silly things. I hate poop. I hate toilets. I don't like the idea of dunking those soiled cloth diapers in the toilet! I refused long ago to ever cloth diaper. Then I later that week saw some at Babys R Us and that got me wondering...

Little did I know that Cloth Diapering is truly a world of its own. As I stepped out to see what its all about I realized - I was not in Kansas anymore.

I had NO idea that there were SO many different kinds of Cloth diapers! AIO's, AI2's, Pockets, Fitteds, PreFolds, Chinese Prefolds, Night Time... and more!

AND so MANY manufacturers! Most Work at Home Mom's - but still. SO many choices. I had no idea what to think. No idea how to choose. I was completely overwhelmed and clueless.

That led to the next several days spending hours and hours of time googling and reading and trying to figure out if this was even worth all this time I'm spending looking up all this stuff.

Fact of the matter is, though, that I was really looking to save money by cloth diapering. I don't like spending so much in disposables and Kenny's work hours are so inconsistent lately I'm really just trying to trim back as much as possible.

After much searching I had decided on this delightful brand called FuzziBunz. They are a pocket style cloth diaper - the go on like disposables but you put an absorbent insert between the layers. Relatively easy to clean and deal with. I asked Kenny if I could order some, given the okay I started trying to find the best place and deal.

Then I stumbled upon this amazing site: DiaperSwappers. Ladies there are constantly buying, selling, trading their used (sometimes unused!) products. Did you know that women who cloth diaper are somewhat obsessive about keeping them as clean and in as good a condition as possible? Well, I had no idea until now.

SO, I definitely decided to go used. I now have a days worth of pocket style cloth diapers for $46.00!! I am so proud of myself. I figured we wouldn't see the savings from cloth diapering until after 4 months of it - but this way I'm seeing the saving already this month! I was going to be spending 1/2 that this week buying a new box of disposables!

Next month I'd like to try and buy another days worth, that way I'll have some extras and not be panicky when she goes through a few more than I was planning on.

So, I am now one of THOSE moms. THOSE moms who - Make their own baby food, cloth diaper, mend their own things, (and I'd now like a sewing machine so I can make her clothes!). Oh no. What have I become?! Haha!


Jessi said...

yay!!! so happy theres yet another cloth diapering mama!! warning: its addicting :-) love the pics shes such a cutie!

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