Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sweet Dreams.

SO, I realized this morning a recurring truth:

Without fail every time I get back into my Bible consistently (not to mention we are regularly attending church again) inevitably I get frustrated and lots of little things start happening and add up causing meltdowns. Can you tell from my last few posts?

Haha. Funny thing is - once I realize what the problem is (i.e. spiritual warfare) I can almost instantly deal with it a TON better.

Also, Kenny and I had a good talk last night. I had stuff welled up inside I didn't know about and our little talk got it off my chest and that lifted my spirits quite a bit as well.

Not forgetting that he ALSO took me out tonight for a ME shopping trip. Something that is RARE to say the least. He took me and told me just pick whatever I wanted under x amount and was patient and not pushy. I couldn't believe it and am still quite elated.

I love Victoria's Secret. I worked there 2 years and enjoyed it quite a bit. The discounts are great, the work is fun (most of the time, haha). I'm officially a snob about my bras too. I tried a few others while pregnant (I didn't want to spend money on them when I'd not be in them long). After that I just can't help myself anymore. heehee.

After shopping there tonight I'm desperately fighting the urge to go beg them for my job back! Haha! I'm seriously considering going back for a day a week if I can after Munchkin is a year old

- Which is coming up WAY TOO QUICKLY! When did that happen?? She'll be 8 months old on Monday! My baby is growing up far too quickly. She turned into a little person overnight. I love her. I love Husband. It's a Good Night.


Jenny said...

While you're at it...have a few more good nights (just for fun!) And yes, these babies do grow up too quickly!

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