Tuesday, August 11, 2009

can I have a new day, please?

Man, today has not really been my day. If anything else happens someone may die in the crossfire of my fury.

A dear friend of mine died last week unexpectedly of a heart attack. Okay, he was 70 years old - but no one really knew that! He was a larger than life kind of guy - booming voice, fun personality, hilarious, a WEALTH of information - AND he knew how to fly airplanes. heehee. He was so much fun. Ken would always pop in on us at work and scare the crap out of us cause we didn't realize he walked in and would say "What are you doing!" - it was great.

My husband did a lot of computer work for him. He was also a health nut - with a lot of miracle cure beliefs. He was goofy. Tried to tell me that I could cure my Type 1 diabetes by eating some silly foods. I tried to explain to him that its a simple fact of my pancreas being completely dead and there is no way to revive it - my body in essence "ate" it. haha. It didn't do much for convincing him - but it made for lively conversation.

Anyways. He'll be very intensely and deeply missed. We all selfishly want him here with us for our own enjoyment.

All that said.... I got all ready for the funeral this morning - attended not knowing almost a single person there. In the middle of it got an urgent text from my Husband - I get up to call him and find out that our power company called him wanting payment NOW. Very strange cause I was certain I had payed it last month.

...We had a mishap with car insurance companies last week and got double charged/double covered and had less than $20 bucks to last the week until today when Kenny got paid.

SO I, very distraught, left the funeral earlier than I wanted - Didn't get to (offer condolences) speak to His wife or my dad who was there. Run out to his work - get his check drop by our power company to see what the heck is going on with our power bill - find out it was just a silly mishap with the last payment not going through as I thought it had.

All this before noon. My day was pretty much shot. I didn't get to attend the funeral, I was very stressed running to Kenny's work and the Bank and the power company.

I stopped by work to see if my Dad was there and he was. I ended up getting to help him out and we chatted about our friend's funeral. Gosh, we're still upset about it. We're having a hard time grappling with him not just walking through the door and talking our ears off anymore... ...oh man, today was not my cup of tea.

I left work so late I decided to not actually get groceries tonight and brought pizza home for Kenny - which was another stupid deal. I tried calling him to see what he wanted and I could.not.get.ahold.of.him. I tried calling him for 45 minutes straight. Papa Murphey's tonight - took A HALF AN HOUR to make my one stupid little pizza and there was only ONE PERSON in front of me with ONE stupid little pizza. Meanwhile I could not get ahold of my husband - who was supposed to be at home.

I rush home wondering what the crap is going on - adrenaline rushing - HE IS ASLEEP ON THE COUCH. Yes - I felt stupid for being so worried.

By now, if you haven't guessed - my day was pretty much shot. Only to be redeemed by nothing else happening all night. I'm still frustrated. My mouth is killing me - I need serious dental work done. Sometimes I feel like I give and give and get nothing back - I think that is what is really bothering me all week - just compounded by all these other things. Oh yeah - and my mouth frickin hurts!!!!

All done with this day. Can I have a new one tomorrow?


Jessi said...


I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. :(

I'm sorry you had a crappy day too. I've had a few of those myself recently too and it completely sucks.

I hope you're having a good day!

Jenny said...

Sorry you had such a rough day! I hope the rest of your week is fantastic! Go kiss a baby! That makes anyone feel good! :)

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