Friday, August 14, 2009



Got an early start at work. Things are going great. Had to run to the store to grab some stuff for a project that needed to ship out today.

While there I give Munchkin my keys to play with and keep her happy while I'm trying to figure out exactly what is the best thing for this project.

I remember that I need to make a second copy of my car key, being as it is the only one in existence.

After a bit I go to leave the store, thinking I'm coming back shortly - "Where are my keys?!"

Fast Forward to **2** hours later:

Still scouring that stupid store looking for where my daughter could have dropped them. Now I'm thinking some kid picked them up and left with them! My mom comes and helps me find them, I'll need a ride at this point anyways cause I can't find them and as I mentioned before - I only had one copy.

Also at this point, I'm near hysterical inside. Seriously needing to cry and seriously mad. I didn't care about the other keys - just the car key.

I'm thinking about how Kenny was SO SWEET last night taking me out and buying me some new things - and how I'm going to need to take everything back just to pay for the locksmith that I'm going to have to call to get me a new key for my car.

I had to leave for a little while after having all the associates on the look out for my mysteriously missing keys, they also now had my name, phone number and license plate number so they could keep an eye on my car for me and out for my keys.

Now with my mom we finish the errands - Kenny calls to tell me he's going to the store to look for my keys too - So I go back.

(At this point my entire day is fairly wasted and I've gotten no work done.)

Walking back into the store, baby on hip, on of the associates calls out to me "Hey! Are these your keys?!" As he's walking towards me. Sure enough! They are!

Evidently they were in a cart around the SIDE of the building!

Okay - the day got a million times better there. - Munchkin no longer gets to have ANYTHING of value at all. Who knew Key's would cause such turmoil?

I get back to work because that project from earlier? It still has to ship out. I don't get home until after 8pm. - The project didn't ship - now Dad has to drive it across the state.

Munchkin then becomes a nightmare to put to bed a couple hours later. I feel like an awful mother. I didn't have any baby food in the house tonight because I was at work so long because I was looking for the key's she lost because I gave them to her. She's obviously hungry and breastfeeding isn't quite doing it enough tonight.

She won't lay down, I let her cry and feel like I'm breaking her heart - my nerves are already shattered from the earlier events - and now I've lost it.

Time for Sleep and the weekend to start tomorrow!


Jenny said...

I PROMISE you are not the only mother who has had a day like this! I hope you have a great week!

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