Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm not cut out for this

(I apologize in advance for the mess this post might be)

I don't come from a 'broken family' I don't know how to handle the insanity that comes along with 'broken families.'

My brother is so screwed up. Are you kidding me!? You tell the woman you knocked up and had a kid with that you don't love her and leave to go drink with friends that hate her and are only going to screw up your head more!? Seriously!?

That's another thing - where in the hell do the 3 of you get the beer?! You're all under-age, so who is buying it for you?

I'm not against alcohol. I enjoy the crap, so does my husband, and we have a drink together every few weekends or so. Yet we don't get drunk and we have far better things we would like to waste our money on than drinking enough alcohol to get drunk.

We ALL (Kenny, Myself, my Parents, Her Parents) told him they needed to work on their relationship BEFORE he moved out and got their own apartment. We told him he wasn't stable enough to handle it. I want to scream "I TOLD YOU SO!" from the top of a mountain. I also want to scream a lot of obscenities in his face in hopes I'll be speaking his language and maybe something will get through his thick skull!

I just can't believe him. I can't believe that my brother, raised in the same family with the same wonderful parents (who do have their own problems, but we all do) can be such an Asshole irresponsible jerk!

I hate this. I'm not cut out to be a relationship counselor for family. I do it for friends. Family is a whole different level of crazy that I just wish I didn't have to have any part of. This sucks. Royally sucks.

and I hate it.


Kaitake said...

Siblings! Who'd have them? :P

"Raised in the same family..." that's the argument of nature versus nurture, how even identical twins brought up in the same environment can still be different and completely individual people.

You brother has made choices, but they are his own choices. He has to live with them. I'm sad to hear that his actions are hurting you and your family, that's no good at all. I can't suggest how to help really, because I don't know you or your brother well enough to know what might work.

I hope you can continue to try and help, whatever form that might take. You obviously care a great deal about him, and he is perhaps taking you for granted.

It's hard to be the big sister sometimes.

Saffy said...

It sucks, and it's hard on your sugars too. May he come to his senses.

sweets said...


Hope things get better soon.

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