Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Living Life!

To say things have been busy would be an understatement!

Almost 2 months ago (I think?) I "officially" jumped into the world of photography. It's been a blast and I've had a fairly consistent number of jobs, about 1 a week or so, and it's been really wonderful. I'm learning a lot - like how to write things down in my schedule book (or even having a schedule book!) making things more "presentable" and just how to organize my computer/external hard-drive! I love it, though. A LOT. I could do this every day for the rest of my life and be quite content.

Kenny is completely registered for school! We got the financial aid numbers in and it looks like we'll be okay! Things will be a little iffy when his hours go down to part time (that's another thing - his boss created a part-time position for him!!) we'll probably have little to no money extra, and I may end up getting an additional part time job too. We'll see, all in time.

Rylee is on a food strike this week. It's frustrating me to no end. I know kids do that, it's normal. However, she's been getting more and more lethargic, grumpier easier AND dehydrating herself. Usually I end up giving her 10+ 10oz bottles a day with either Gatorade or Milk in it and she drinks them all down. Yesterday - she had 2, and only wet 2 diapers enough to kinda warrant a change. She'll sit in her highchair over an hour, just sitting there doing nothing - not touching her food except for when she thinks it might need to be slightly moved or (when I'm not looking) tossed on the floor for the dogs. Not much else to do except watch and make sure she doesn't need a doctor visit from dehydration. - That itself is frustrating to me.

I'm still having a hard time not having my own house, but I've come to accept that I'll always have a hard time not having my own place. It's just something I'll deal with until we move out. My in-laws are awesome, things are really great. Kenny has been able to have something to do with his Dad - which is awesome because Kenny needs projects, it's in his nature. Rylee has a fenced yard to play in, I can let her out back to play with the dog without being too worried about her. We're near by a river, which has been a nice little option for when it gets hot out.

Our dog is **finally** almost housebroken! It's a miracle! Haha, okay, maybe not really quite that extreme. We got a mini dog door (cat door) for her to go in and out of our room so she's better outside trained. She still has accidents - but that's WAY better! Accidents are where we wanted to be a couple months ago. Accidents are okay, they happen with puppies being the nature of a accident. It was just killing and frustrating us SO much that when she would go in the right place(s) it was more of an accident that she got it right.

Kenny blessed me last week by carpet cleaning (this will be the 4th time since we moved in) before I got home. Our room has smelled SO awful I did actually spend some time crying about it. I can't stand places that smell bad - neither can Kenny.

I can't wait for school to start for Kenny and see where things end up. I feel like it's taking forever to really get the new rollercoaster ride going, as if the past few months haven't been one of their own. My lovely sister in law is getting married this weekend and it's going to be a beautiful wedding. I'm pretty darn excited for her. - So that'll be keeping me very busy for the next few days until it's over.

So, that's it for this morning. Have a great day!


sweets said...

Glad to hear about the photography. it is so nice to find something one loves to do (and even better when you can get paid for it!).

Hope Rylee's food strike ends soon. I am not looking forward to all that which is probably in my future. My boy has started with the fussiness, and refusing some bottles. And at times he refuses to eat after a few bites (but will take yoghurt or fruit!).

Enjoy the wedding :)

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