Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Fun Times!

So, I've been remiss about my blogging lately. Summer is (FINALLY) in full swing and so are weddings, and the photography fun and everything else in between!

It's late and I'd like to be in bed now, so I'm just gracing the world with a quick update in pictures!

She loves swinging!

She's my little dare-devil with the slide love!

She's Mommy's little helper!

Rylee's Got a Secret!!!
(Okay, not really, but we thought it was hilarious!)

She looooooooved the teeter-totter 

Okay, so that's my picture update for today, a real life update coming soon! I promise!


~Suzanne~ said...

Oh my goodness, what beautiful pictures!! Riley is so precious! Looks like you are having a great summer!! Miss ya!

Amy said...

She's so sweet! I have to ask...where did you find her shirt?

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