Saturday, July 3, 2010

No I have not!

Not been ignoring my blog, that is.

Okay, maybe I have been a little preoccupied.

The last couple weekends it has been one thing to the next, and it won't stop for the next month or so.

Last weekend,  I had the insane time pleasure of making a cake for a dear old friend of mine. After much turmoil (like dropping an entire layer on the ground) and then Rylee beating the crap out of a corner with my rolling pin (why no, I wasn't so mad I threw the rolling pin on the ground after ripping it out of her hands). After all that - it was actually a beautiful cake!

That same weekend I did a photoshoot for a really sweet family of girls. Quite energetic and full of life.  We had a blast. ....however I will not be quadruple booking myself for things like that again. I was supposed to be at a wedding while I was finishing up the cake and I know there was something else that I was supposed to do that also ended up not happening.

It's been a fun week. We had our first 'no-show' for a photography session. It's okay, I really don't mind, I'm sure she forgot with the kiddos - and I failed to give her a reminder call the day before. I'm learning as I go. I now know I'll be upgrading parts in my computer to be able to better handle the volume of photos I've been taking recently. I'm learning to keep better records of appointments, making reminder calls/emails, how many photos per session is actually realistic, and what kind of pricing is the 'right' one.

Rylee gashed her head open yesterday - falling down a couple stairs. A pretty darn good cut, if I do say so! I didn't do anything for it right away except stop the bleeding and bandage her head. Head wounds bleed - A Lot - I know that. So I wasn't concerned. It wasn't until about 4 hours later that I was finally able to get a good look at the cut in between bleedings and decided to take the trip to urgent care to see about a stitch or two.

She's got such a good memory it's amazing. At her 12 month check-up she remembered getting shots at 9 months. At her 15 month check-up she really remembered and the entire appointment was filled with screaming because she was afraid of the doctors. Everything since then has been the same way - if I go to the doctor - she screams, if Kenny goes - she screams.

As soon as that stethoscope touched her chest the screams came. They didn't stop until we were back in the car. The doctor (who was a very sweet woman) initially wanted to put a stitch in it but Rylee was screaming so much just seeing the doctor she thought that 'gluing' it would be more appropriate. I thought that would be best too - it really just needed help to stop bleeding. So that's what they did and all is well again.

She's a trooper. It did break my heart when (shortly after it happened) she was pointing to her head and whimpering in the saddest most pathetic way I've ever heard. I pulled over at the most convenient store and quickly bought her some tylenol and other goodies.  It makes me sad to see my baby hurt like that. To see the saddest tear-filled eyes look at me and just say "mama fix it, it hurts" without saying any real words. My baby shouldn't hurt like that. Yet, it's really just the beginning. So come the toddler years of pain.

Anyways. I'm trying to get back to regular blogging again, I promise.


Kaitake said...

Ooh the cake looks gorgeous! How long did it take you to make? Looks like it was a lot of work. :)

Sorry to hear about the Rylee being hurt - no good. Wait until she can climb trees! I've had a couple of my step-kids fall out and break things. It's never fun, and I swear the emergency room began to expect us! :P

I'm very impressed by the new photos too!

Bee said...

It took me about 4 days to make. It's not tons of work as much as it is time consuming.

I was just telling my father-in-law tonight that I'm certain this is just the start of urgent care/emergency room visits! haha!


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