Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anniversaries, Sleep, Getting hit on...

My parents' 27th Anniversary was yesterday, the 10th. We celebrated it as a family - barbecued, had cake, did a few little presents - all in all, I think it was a fun day. I'm so grateful my parents have been together for 27 years. I know it couldn't have been easy for them. Marriage is hard, no matter how much you love each other.

Rylee slept through the night last night - probably due to how much fun she had playing with her grandparents, aunt, uncles and cousin.

Kenny and I have decided that whenever she sleeps through the night she gains a new level of sentience. She's never ever been one to sit and watch tv. She's never been one to sit still very long at all except when she's falling asleep. Today - She got a pillow, blanket, and set herself up on the floor propped up on the pillow and was beside herself with excitement at the movie I was putting on for her (sleeping beauty). She sat at watched that movie for nearly a 1/2 an hour!

She also brought a book to me, like she frequently does, and sat and paid attention to the entire book. Something she hasn't done before either - again, she's had an extremely short attention span that we've been working on.

It's really cute, I love it.

I'm exhausted, the one random night Rylee sleeps through the night always makes me more tired than I realize before. I'm used to running on no sleep - when I get it I can't handle it! ha, okay. Anyway.

Tomorrow we're going to a new church. I hope it goes okay. I'd really love to find a new church home to stay for awhile.

Oh - the highlight of my day!

Kenny and I went to a gas station so we could get some soda before we headed to a family gathering. A biker drove up and parked next to me (I had my window down, arm hanging out). We both nodded and said "hi." (Kenny was inside getting the drinks). Biker Guy, who was at least 55, starts to walk in to the station - then stops and comes back to my window and says "Hey, You're kinda cute, wanna go for a ride?" Heehee! Oh, it was funny and I had a really hard time not laughing. I didn't laugh, though, I was kinda and polite - I didn't want to crush his cute (for an older guy) ego. I just replied: "No, sorry, my husband is inside getting us some drinks." He said "Oh! I'm sorry!" and went on his way.

A couple things about this struck me funny - other than that I got hit on by a biker. Rylee is very much in plain view in the backseat - if I were to have gone with him, what about her? The other is that after Kenny came back we proceeded to have a lively conversation about going with bikers.

That particular guy I might have actually gone for a ride with - if I had no ties to a boyfriend/fiance/husband/child. He was really nice, helping out another fellow biker - bought the guy some gas and gave him some money. It was also major biker territory around there and they all look out for each other. Also, I found out that if a Hot Biker Chick asked Kenny to go for a ride - he would have too. Of course providing he had no girlfriend/fiance/wife/child ties in the world either.

So, we learned something new about each other today. And I was considered "Sort of cute" by an old biker guy. Haha!

Back to that exhausted point I made above - I'm going to bed early.

Then end, for now.


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