Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh sweet bedtime

some days I feel like the time when Rylee goes to bed for the night (or the couple hours before she starts her wake up crying-make mommy lay her back down a dozen times routine) can't come soon enough.

Today was one of those days.

Rylee insisted on pushing every single one of my buttons almost from the moment she got up this morning.

My blood sugar was coming back down after a nasty overnight high due to a pump failure - so I was a little more on edge than I would normally be.

My new pump was still not at all in the actual works to get to me - which also meant that I wasn't going to be able to order more infusion sets and I'd be back on shots indefinitely.

- I was in a baaaaaad mood for well over 1/2 the day until...

Can I just say I LOVE the Diabetic Online Community!??!

I made a little rant this morning on facebook (I'm also rethinking even posting anything like that on facebook any more at all... some places just aren't okay to be "real" anymore...) and several of my fellow diabetics reached out and offered to send me some Infusion Sets until my insurance company gets their act together! Awwwwwwe, I love my diabetic friends. So thankful for you guys!

Anyway, the kiddo was out to get me today, diabetes was out to get me today, my "house" was out to get me with the  clutter that won't end, and I think I was just cranky in general from the serious lack of sleep.

Tonight I'm happy my kiddo is in bed. So I'm enjoying a couple of "childless" moments to write this post. Now I'm heading to bed.


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