Thursday, September 9, 2010

Diabetes and Me

Kerri  started this yesterday, myself and several other d-bloggers thought we'd steal it for ourselves too. heehee.

What type of diabetes do you have:  Type 1  

When were you diagnosed:  March 22, 2002

What's your current blood sugar:  Post breakfast (I forgot to test before hand) 278mg/dl

What kind of meter do you use: Whichever one I can find that my daughter hasn't lost - currently the One Touch Ultra 2.

How many times a day do you test your blood sugar:  When I was pregnant 12+ times a day, now It's a struggle to get 6 times in.

What's a "high" number for you:  Lately it's over 240 mg/dl.

What's do you consider "low":  Anything under 70 mg/dl. 

What's your favorite low blood sugar reaction treater:  Child-sized apple juice boxes

Describe your dream endo:  Understanding, Not Judgmental, (maybe not classified as a "specialist"!), Knowledgeable, Good Natured. 

What's your biggest diabetes achievement: My sweet little baby girl - and the only 5.7 A1c I've had while I was pregnant with her.

What's your biggest diabetes-related fear:  Losing my eyesight or ability to be as active as I enjoy.

Who's on your support team:  My husband, parents, a couple of friends, the Diabetic Online Community! :)

Do you think there will be a cure in your lifetime:  Nope. I really don't.

What is a "cure" to you:  At this point, I'd just love an Artificial Pancreas - but a real cure would be to have the entire auto-immune effects be reversed.

The most annoying thing people say to you about your diabetes is:  "I could NEVER give myself shots!" - yeah, you would if your life depended on it!

What is the most common misconception about diabetes:  That my Type 1 Diabetes can be reversed by following some miracle diet for a couple months - my pancreas will start working again and I'll never need to take insulin anymore.

If you could say one thing to your pancreas, what would it be: "Thanks for helping make me who I am today."


Erin (DM) said...

I LOL every time I hear someone say they could never give shots!

You know, I totally don't give the online community enough credit for supporting me. They are amazing! Really, my hugest source of knowledge, insight and support!

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

I hope she doesn't lose your new Ping meter. :)

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