Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fat Lips and Summer

Summer seems to have made a brief appearance the last few days. I'm hoping it'll show up slightly more often. Saturday and Sunday felt like a heat wave tipping the thermostats at just a bit over 80º degrees. A nice, though stark, change from the 50-60º degrees with rain and wind the last month.

I had bought Rylee a really cute blow-up wading pool a month ago and on that very day it got nasty- and has stayed that way since.

So I got out that pool yesterday (Pictures of that to come later)! Determined to make some use of it through this so far drizzle-y summer.

Of course while we're out playing with the pool Rylee decided to give her self her first real genuine fat-lip. She's had minor ones in the past - but not a real good one.

Looking at it today it almost looks worse than yesterday. She's got a scrape from the right side of her nose down to her lip and Her lip is all visibly  cut up. Poor kiddo.

She's been a good sport and a real trooper. Of course that 'good sport' and 'real trooper' only pertains to the fat lip. She's still teething and still grumpy. She was in the weirdest mood today - throwing random fits for reasons I cannot explain at all. So, I assume it's because of teething. - I can't wait to be out of this part of her development. Heehee.


Kaitake said...

Aww, poor darling. Hope she's feeling better soon :)

Saffy said...

Ouch!!! Poor little honey bunch.

Ah yes, that sounds like teething to me in my limited experience. I say go the teething gel and pain killer pronto.

Looking forward to seeing the pics of the pool - I've got visions of sunshine and a brightly colored ring of inflatable plastic :)

Here's hoping the dodgy weather is over and you're really into summer proper now :)

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