Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Fun!

Fathers Day got off to a great start - on Saturday! 

Saturday was an Annual Canoe race thing in town. My Father-in-law and Brother-in-law raced in a Canoe, 

While my Husband and Dad raced in a Kayak.

The excitement of the day started bright and early, figuring out how to get 2 canoes/boats/kayak - things strapped to the truck. Making sure there were life vests, whistles and oars. Getting everything ready for a day at the park after the boating festivities. 

After much rushing around we were finally ready to leave - everyone else piled in my Father-in-laws truck and I got Rylee and buckled into my car (not wanting to hassle with moving carseats around and making sure there was enough room, I decided to take my own car).

They pull out and I follow them. Suddenly the truck pulls over and I'm also getting a call on my cell phone from my Husband. I'm thinking that something must be wrong in the truck or the canoes need readjusting- not...

That we had left my husband behind at the house!!!

I felt terrible. Poor guy! 

Fast-forward and we made it to the fun, and everyone seemed to have a great time!

(Yes, she knows she's cool!)

Kenny and my Dad got 1st in their division (we'll not say that they were the only ones in their division) and My father & brother-in-law got 2nd in their division. Everyone won prizes in the raffle drawing!

Rylee tried to be as helpful as possible.

She loved watching her Papa play video games on Fathers Day (Sunday).

And I LOVE this goofy picture of her increasingly toothy smile!!

Father's Day, both days, was awesome.


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