Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh Baby won't you be, My teddy bear!

Today my poor Munchkin had her 7 month shots. I've got her on a slightly delayed shot schedule and she seems to handle them pretty well. This round has hit her the worst, though. She's been SO grumpy and SO clingy today. Much out of the ordinary for how she has been recently.

She clocks in at a nice 15.5 pounds - 18th%ile, and 26.5 inches long - 48th %ile. Still nice and petite - but then - so are her parents. So she was pretty much destined to be that way. She still wears 3-6 months clothes quite comfortably. Infact - her VERY cute 6month sized shorts still fall off her skinny butt. Poor girl, I have that problem too - its real annoying. Fortunately for her its not a big concern yet.

She crawls allllll over the place these days. I love it. Of course, Kenny decided it was time to do his random computer reconfiguring. This means that my house becomes a disaster area - almost as though we had been broken into and someone was searching for something he couldn't find. Oh wait, that's pretty close to the truth. Every time this happens things go a bit like this:

"Bee, where is ____?"

"I don't know, hon, check ____ box."

"It's not in that one."

"Well, check the other box with the blue lid."

.....and so one until every box that doesn't even contain computer stuff has been drug out of its hiding place and its contents are everywhere. Normally this would not be a problem except that my house is a jungle of computer parts and pieces. This time, though, Munchkin HAD to be crawling and go for EVERYTHING that was not for her.

Such is the way of babies. Kenny just had to find this out first hand. I doubt he'll do this again all over the floor and will find another way. Oh well, he had to learn sometime.

She is constantly saying "mamamamama" alllll the time now too. I love it! It's SO cute and SO sweet. Especially adorable when she says it while she's crawling around looking for me in the kitchen or bathroom.

I have not had to put up the front bar of her crib before as she wasn't really mobile. It occured to me this week that I should start doing that as she pulls her self up standing now. I just got in the habit the last few days and two nights ago was reassured it was the right thing to do. I was VERY asleep - and even though her crib is in the same room as ours I didn't wake up instantly to her cries (I usually wake up at the slightest noise) and when I finally realized she was calling for me I got up and she was standing up in her crib against that rail. Had I not pulled it up she'd have gone right over the edge. Now it always goes up without a second thought! My kid is too smart for her own good!

She has also recently discovered this bear that my parents gave her the day she was born and loves it. Cuddles with it and laughs at it. I LOVE this, its too cute. A few hours ago I was playing with her and the teddy bear and started singing "Let me be, Your teddy bear". Kenny looked at me like I was the weirdest thing ever. Apparently he had not heard the song before! I grew up with a father who loved/loves Elvis and I'm pretty sure his mother also loved Elvis as well. SO, I had to go dig up a you tube video of it for him. Silly guy. ...ANYWAYS, Munchkin was just laughing and laughing the whole time I was singing it to her. I was a very happy person, and still am. It was great.

In other news - Baby Stellan is doing quite poorly. Keep him and his whole family involved much in your prayers. Likely he'll be getting another heart sugery done to hopefully get his fast heartbeat under control - but this could almost certainly cause the need for a pacemaker for the rest of his life. Obviously better than his current condition - but still quite less than ideal and still has its problems.


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I have Emerson on a delayed schedule too, Dr. Sears???

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