Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sleep, Mama.

My world, having been turned upside down by Munchkin, is still in the process of having the pieces put back in place.

When I was 8 months pregnant with her I couldn't wait to have her out of my body. I wanted nothing more than to just SLEEP again. People laughed at me - saying "enjoy it now, you'll wish you had this kind of sleep after she's here." I'm quite pleased to announce that they were sooo wrong.

I was getting NO sleep. From about 6 months pregnant on I had AWFUL heartburn. I didn't have food cravings - I had food aversions. (Okay, that's sorta a lie - there are 2 documented cases of cravings: One night, Pizza, another night a "Papa Joe" from our local Zips.). If I laid down I'd get some intense reflux happening and feel like puking. If I sat down she'd shove her feet into my ribs and everywhere else and cause some nasty heartburn and PAINFUL ribs (she broke 2 of them, remember). Of course, if I stood my back, legs and feet would kill me.

I was up all night most every night, throwing up more often than not because of the heartburn. AND I carried a bottle of Tums with me EVERYWHERE. If I didn't have some I would drive right down to a store and buy a new bottle!

When I was in labor with her the heartburn came back and I puked early on. Oh yes, I do NOT miss that. I am happy to report I am no longer a 20+ Tums caplets a day person. But now just a once in awhile eater for too much pizza. As it should be. Heehee.

I have gotten an abundance more sleep than I did than, and am quite happy about it. The difference this time, though, is this:

Then, running on no sleep I just had to deal with my Husband, my Brother (who was living with us) and my Dad (who I work for). No big deal, they knew well when to "Steer Clear" of me, and we were all great.

Now, running on little sleep with a Baby is much different. She doesn't know when to "Steer Clear" she just wants what she wants. Which is not always apparent right away, if at all. I am teaching her and helping her learn about life. She doesn't know when I'm grumpy or sad, happy or agreeable. She doesn't know that it really is time to be SLEEPING at 2,3 and 4am and I am NOT pleased to be up at those times.

Babies do not have "Tact" nor will they ever. This poses a different nasty problem for my sleep deprived state. I can still function - and function better than I did before - but my fuse is a bit shorter.

Sweet thing got my and Kenny's intense Stubbornness. Unfortunately for her we are both determined to out last her. This leads for some rough nights. Kenny works for us and is making most of the money these days, so I enjoy making sure his work days aren't awful because he stayed up with the baby all night.

The last two weeks, though, she has been sleeping awfully. SO badly, I really should lay down and sleep at the same time as she does. I usually want my "alone time" though and end up staying up too late. Making it *my* fault that I'm grumpy when she wakes up in the middle of the night wanting to play.

Fortunately God has given me the grace to wake up and be just as cheerful as ever. I just pray that I will have the strength and fortitude to continue on. I'd really like her to sleep through the night, but that will come when it comes and I will not force it before she's ready.


In other news Munchkin is now saying MAMA! It totally rocks my world. It's only deliberate calling for me a little bit, most of the time she's just saying it to say it - but its becoming more purposeful. I'm stoked. Still working on "papa" but she doesn't really have that "pah" sound yet. In time, in time.

My baby food making also seems to be a success. Munchkin loves it and ate it up like crazy. I'm excited to make more. Now, I've just gotta figure out the cheapest way to keep making it! heehee.

Okay, in the interests of actually sleeping tonight, I must go.


Jenny said...

You WILL sleep again! This time will be only a distant memory in the future, and you will wonder where the time went! I, too, should be asleep right now, but am trying to get my "me" time in! Have a great weekend!

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