Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting Back To It

When we started Cloth Diapering Rylee last year in August when she was just 8 months old we discovered she had awful sensitive skin to cloth diapers (or the cloth set it off because after that it was many many months of non stop bleeding diaper rash). 

I kept at it and kept trying for a couple months, especially because we had no money at all and didn't have much of a choice at that point.

Try as I might I could not keep her diaper rash free. It took me a long time to get the ammonia smell out of the dipes and even upon accomplishing that I couldn't clear that pesky diaper rash. I think part of the problem was that I didn't have enough cloth diapers to change her as frequently as she needed to be.

So, it was back to disposables. Which, also, caused diaper rash. I took her to the doctor several times over it, was plastering on several different kinds of ointments at once. FINALLY it cleared up a couple months ago. She's been diaper rash free since then and I've only been putting her in Pampers - the only once that worked well enough that she wasn't leaking in an hour.

Jessi over at Welcome to the Zoo has been posting about all her cloth diapering lately and it got me thinking about trying it again, now that Rylee has gotten a little older and her skin doesn't seem to be as sensitive now.

A couple weeks later both Jessi and my dear friend Britni at A Little Sugar-n-Spice  posted about Pampers and the "facts" they state on their website. - Being as I have been using Pampers what the company said bothered me a little bit and pushed me to think about Cloth even more.

Rylee has been using more diapers than ever (for some reason I thought the number would go down as she got older, not up) as she's gone from not wetting much at all to wetting through diapers constantly if I don't make sure she's changed regularly. It's not a problem with the diapers either, it's simply just because she's a very heavy wetter these days.

So, I figured since we're already trying to save money by living at my In-Laws until Kenny is done with school, this might be a good way to save more for the next 6ish months until she's potty trained.

And as obsessive as I am, I've been scouring Diaper Swappers incessantly trying to get the best deals. So far I've got 6 more coming to me putting my stash up to 11 dipes now. I'm kinda excited. Kinda apprehensive. I feel like I HAVE to make it work this time or I'm gonna get laughed at by Kenny and everyone else, and seriously disappointed in myself. Ha.

So, here we go again. :)


sweets said...

Before my boy was born I had all the intentions of using cloth diapers. We bought 2 or 3 to test. They are quite nice - already "folded" and you just need to click them in place, nearly like a disposable in a way. but they were just so big on him after he was born - and practically made him do the splits! Ended up on Pampers (which I am still using today nearly 7 months down the line). Also always looking out for discounts, as they do make holes in the wallet! I have been lucky - he has not had any problems with rash so far...

Good luck!

Saffy said...

Bee, we cloth D about 80% of the time. Works well. Ironically her diaper rash cleared in cloth. Do you know about stripping your diapers out with vinegar?

I bought fancy brands but D grew out of those and I'm inherently tight when it comes to these things, so ended up settling on a brand from China that I got on ebay for next to nothing. They're really good - and best of all they fit from birth - toilet training. Let me know if you want to know more :)

Katie I. said...

I don't use cloth for my DD, but let me tell you, we have had some experience with AWFUL diaper rashes!!! The BEST THING EVER that I found to get rid of them is Callendula diaper cream. You have to get it at a health food store or order it online, but that stuff is awesome. It works almost every time.
I think my DD had such a hard time with rashes because she cut teeth pretty quickly - all her teeth came in (except the 2nd year molars) within 6 months and I read that teething makes their stools more acidic or something.
Good luck!!!!!

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