Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Day!

So, after deciding to go back to cloth diapers I scoured ceaselessly the DiaperSwappers website until I found a few choice diapers for the right price, that would allow me to be able to get us enough of a supply to ::hopefully:: make it work this time.

I was am quite giddy that a couple packages came today that contained 3 of the 8 that I ordered!

As soon as Rylee was up from her nap I tried them on her and much to my VERY pleasant surprise Green Acre Design (GAD's) Cloth Diapers are now my VERY favorite, with FuzziBunz taking a close second now, they were my number 1 favorite previously.

Look at her adorably cute skinny little butt in the GAD's!

I must admit I was a little worried about putting her back into cloth diapers for a fairly selfish reason - they might make her pants/shorts not fit well anymore. It seems that little girls clothes aren't given the same amount of "room" as they used to be, so the extra fluffy butt makes the legs of her pants harder to walk in. These GAD's, though are super slim and totally awesome on her! SO super duper cute! I would absolutely LOVE to have more of these in my collection, if I could afford it. For now, though it's not in our cards. Ah well, I'm so happy to have the ones that I do.


If you'll notice the New Button on the Top Left Side Bar on my blog For Sweet Little Cupcakes you should totally check out that wonderful little Etsy store!! Britni over at A Little Sugar-N-Spice makes the most adorable hair flowers!

I've got 3, thanks to that wonderful friend of mine and I just LOVE putting them in Rylee's Hair!


Saffy said...

Totally agree that clothes now aren't really made for cloth diapers. Love the hair flower :) Now if only our D would grow some hair.... :p

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