Saturday, May 1, 2010


You know those lazy days?

Those really awesome ones where the baby lets you sleep through the night - she only woke up once! - then you get to sleep in until 9am and then lets you lay on the couch with her until nearly 11am?
You then get to take a nap with her later from 1- 4pm! Yeah, it was one of those days.

The only 2 things that would have made it better would have been

1. Not waking up with a nasty headache. Apparently I was super grumpy and short tempered.

2. Not finding out that my Great Grandma was taken to the hospital via ambulance with some major unknown (at the time) bleeding.

A very nice nap and a handful of ibuprofen later and my headache is gone. It was a much brighter day after that.

My heart is saddened about my Grandma, though. She's 89 and I am so grateful to even have a Great-Grandma. I had 3, One who my middle name is after and died while I was still a baby, The other died last summer at 95 (give or take a year), and this one.

Later today we found out She has internal bleeding from too much aspirin and may need surgery to fix it. She's had several blood transfusions from losing so much all day. I can't help but think that her chances of recovering from this are very high. She was still living at home because she's an awesome spunky little thing but her health has deteriorated a lot the last 2 years, and more so the last year.

I hate that She is in the Midwest and I'm in the Inland Northwest. I hate that because we had to replace my car there will likely be no way for me to bring Rylee to go see her. I also hate that if she dies I probably will not be able to go to the funeral.

She is the closest Great-Grandparent to me (Grandma-L). I would have loved to know the one I am named after (Grandma-D). She helped bring my Daddy to Jesus and sounds like she and I would have just gotten along so well, all the spunk, feisty, and stubbornness combined.   I never met in person Grandma-R, who died last summer, so I never felt that close to her. I was saddened for my Mom, though as She got the opportunity to spend a couple weeks the last few years in the Midwest visiting her family.

Grandma-L, though, she and I used to write each other all the time. I was excited every week to get my letter from her and I was so excited to write her back. Then she got a computer with internet and she even e-mailed me for a couple years! Her computer died and because she doesn't have any technological genius's like my Husband over there it never got fixed. So we went back to writing (she had the most wonderful cursive!) until her hands got too  arthritic then she would type me letters on an old-fashioned type-writer.

She's such a sweet lady.

My poor husband has dealt with grandparents and family members dying since he was very young. I haven't had to deal with that yet. Instead I've had friends as close as brothers and sisters die the last few years and a grandparent - my Dad's Dad. We saw that coming, he was a die-hard drinker and smoker all his life and his body just gave out.

I know this is to be expected with my Grandma-L too. It just saddens me. I don't typically get emotional over things like this. Many view me as emotionally cold. Kenny is that way too (a good indication of why we're perfect for each other). Yet knowing that it's unlikely my Grandma-L will recover very well from this and she's probably not long to this world has brought some emotions to the surface today. Probably a good reason for my lethargy and ability to even take such a long nap.

So, I'll go back to my lazy awesome evening and play some video games while my daughter sleeps a few feet away.


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