Monday, May 17, 2010

A little bit crazy

I'm feeling a little bit crazy tonight.

I had every intention to follow through with Diabetes Blog Week but everything went crazy on me. Most of all Rylee got sick after a very awesomely fun birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese  for her Cousins.

She ran the worst fever she's ever had for 3 days and I got no sleep.

My husband is about ready to get rid of my puppy. He grew up with Chihuahuas (I, on the other hand, did not have a single dog while growing up) and should have known before we committed to buying her that she would be a pain-in-the-rear to house break.

It started off with how she was disciplined in the first place - it wasn't the right style for her - and she got terrified of Kenny and it was a major set-back to the whole potty-training thing leading to submissive peeing.

So, I've been back peddling while trying to still make progress and coming up with new ways to help get through to her, figure out what disciplinary style will work for her.

I can't leave the house ever or pay sole attention to my child without *me* being in trouble because of the puppy. She's clearly not getting it.

So, back to the drawing table I go to figure out another way to get her trained. Starting with keeping her on a leash and with me at all times, any time she's not she'll be in a crate, which I'll (hopefully) score off craigslist.

She's gotten horridly fond of people food which irritates me to no end. Hopefully being in a crate when it's meal time will help with the peeing and pooping wherever too.


We turned Rylee's crib into a toddler bed tonight. I revamped that idea pretty quickly. I'm ready for her to start learning, she's ready to start learning.

However, being as how I've gotten so little sleep this weekend and she decided it was play time shortly after she'd fallen asleep it was quickly apparent  I couldn't handle it tonight. So, the crib bar went back on and I'm ensured another night of sleep (or... I hope I am anyway. She's not been sleeping well since we moved.). So, it'll probably work out that the crib bar is off during the day and she'll take naps there and get used to it in general but the bar goes back on at night for bed. Soon the bar will come off at night too. She's a quick learner so I'm sure it won't be too terribly long. ........I hope........

I'm so tired these days. Rylee really hasn't been sleeping since we moved. She gets up 3-10 times at night and screams. Since we're in the same room now I can't just let her cry back to sleep because Kenny has to work in the mornings and I don't want it to disrupt his sleep. There have only been a literal handful of times she's slept through the nights (meaning, only woke up once) in the last 2 months. 

Oh yeah, it's been two months now that we've lived here.

Between Rylee's illness this weekend and Kenny's allergies hitting him full force and making him completely useless/grumpy, I'm just done/frustrated/crazy.

Also, today is Rylee's 17 month Birthday on the 17th.

(can you tell I'm a little bit sleepless?)

 Kenny went to bed early. Rylee almost did but then decided she wanted to play more (Again, a problem with us being in the same room these days, I can't just let her play herself to sleep when she knows I'm sitting right there). Now I'm up too late cuddling with my dog that got shut outside the last 1/2 of the day because my Husband is fed-up with her.

Ah. Okay, cry of frustration is done.

Hopefully back to normal posts tomorrow.


Jenny said...

I feel your puppy pain! I'm not sure what I was thinking!

Saffy said...

And so it would appear that you have about a trillion valid reasons for maybe not gracing us with a wonderful D post every day last week... but the sky didn't fall in :)

Hope everything pans out nicely - puppy, the crib, sleep, illness..... :)

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