Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am tired, exhausted, sleepless, fatigued, weary - a Zombie.

I've mentioned before - Rylee hasn't been sleeping since we moved.

Case-in-point: Rylee played good and hard yesterday. She only had 1 nap, an hour and a half, early in the day. We thought for sure she'd sleep through the night considering she usually takes 2 naps per day about an hour each, or 1 nap 2-3 hours in length.

As she must always do things her way after she fell asleep at 9pm she proceeded to wake up not Once but 5 times before Midnight! That very same pattern she followed through the entire night. She wanted to get up and play.

Today, she only had One 20 minute nap in the car = bad nap. She fell asleep at 8:30pm and has been up several times now. At some point she has GOT to stop this. For her and my sake.

For me because I just want to be a sane person! For her because she needs me to be a sane Mommy. Not a short-tempered, easily frustrated - walking zombie.

I noticed awhile back that my insulin needs have steadily gone up over the last year - even when I was breastfeeding (not until after a good 9 months into it, though).

I've tried to figure out why. For breakfast this morning I had 2 pieces of toast and basically took a pregnancy rate of insulin for it at 1 unit per 5 grams of carbs - and still 4 hours after that my blood sugar only came down to 158. I have though maybe it's the birth control I'm on. Now I'm wondering if it has to do with my severe lack of sleep. The sleepless night have been like this for a very long time now. I'm just done.

So why am I still up now? Well, because I my stupid body clock is set for the wrong and stupd times. SO, I've just gotta try and retrain myself and hopefully break out of this.

Rylee, sweetheart, please let mama sleep through the night - more than one night would be so completely aweseom.

Thanks, sweety,



zookeeperjess said...

I'm so sorry. I know how hard it is not having any sleep for months and months (my son never slept from the time he was one until he was 20 months old), but I can't imagine it coupled with high blood sugars :( I hope you get some sleep soon and the blood sugars under control.

ps I have an award for you on my blog!

Saffy said...

1:5 didn't kick it? Sounds like resistance? I'm no doc but the sleep deprivation sounds like a possible cause. I've been reading on a few D Blogs about T1s increasingly becoming resistant. Hmmmm. Painful for you either way.

Gosh I hope the sweetest little baby to ever grace the Earth :) settles back into more parent-friendly sleep patterns v v soon or I sense there will be no pocket money on offer hehe

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