Friday, October 23, 2009

Sugar Free Cough Syrup

I hate being Sick.

I hate being Diabetic and Sick.

Here's a new one: I hate being Diabetic, Sick AND a Mommy!!!

Started coming on Monday night and has just gotten worse and worse with each day. Today I woke up and felt the need to puke. I hate puking, so stifled that urge down. The problem was that I felt that urge alllll morning. So, lay on the floor with pillows and blankets while Rylee played around throwing cheerios on the floor and climbing on my aching head.

Finally she decided that she'd take a nap with me so I got to lay there on the floor till after 11am, sleeping off and on.

Feeling a bit better I decided to try and shower. Rylee wasn't cooperating. I put her in the high chair and brought that into the bathroom - with a tray full of food. She wasn't having it. Screamed her stupid cute head off the entire time. Being upset about that I ignored her and decided to at least blow dry my hair. She wasn't pleased but neither was I.

Suffering from a nasty Upper Respiratory Infection, a bad case of Blood Sugars Gone Wild, and a Cranky Child has me quite cranky myself.

Kenny is so sweet, though, bringing me home some Chicken Noodle Soup and Sugar Free Cough Syrup. Then took care of Rylee for me and put her to sleep for me too! Instead of sleeping, like I should be, I am instead blogging.

I have never tried the Sugar Free Cough Syrup made especially for Diabetics (heehee) before. I never really thought the normal stuff was all that bad - but I am quite appreciative for it today! My sugars have been 300+ all day - furthering my crappy feeling body right along. Hopefully this stuff will give me some relief and not cause my sugars to run any higher at all!


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