Thursday, November 12, 2009


Rylee is learning to challenge me. She deliberately does something as soon as I walk away she was just disciplined for. She looks at me and then does something she knows not to - then stops and tries to crawl/walk away when I start coming toward her.
She is throwing things all the time. It's usually quite funny - which is becoming a problem - because I have to fight my urge to laugh and think its cute and discipline her for it. I didn't mind continually picking things up that she'd throw down while I was shopping - but now she's doing it to see how many times I'll keep picking it up for her.

She's also pulling my hair and hitting! Again, it used to be cute (okay, it still is) but she's now doing it to be mean.


Why? Just shy of 11 months my sweet little girl is start
ing these things so young. I'm sad. I hate disciplining her. I hate breaking her poor little heart when I sit her down and sternly tell her "no no!" and she looks at me like I just beat her - then cries as though I had.

It is sometimes hard to discern when she is hitting to be mean. She smacks things in excitement too. So I have to figure out if its a fit or if its excitement. I'm trying to be on top of this. If I let things slide that I shouldn't it screws up the values I'm trying to instill in her, and I have to start over again.

I have to turn my head or leave the room and laugh when she throws an all out conniption fit on the floor.

Her newest thing, when throwing a fit (because I just took the cleaning stuff that she managed to get out of the locked cabinet(!?) away) she slams her arms down on the floor - then on all fours charges across the room, head down, like a bull - slamming her ligaments all the way. - It's hilarious.

Another thing in her recent development:

Yeah, she's great, despite her need to test me.


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