Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Off a Cog

Some days every once in awhile I just feel like we're off a cog from everything around us.

Kenny and I were moaning and groaning tonight about how we don't have many friends these days. We really did create this problem ourselves. We are so antisocial. I didn't use to be, not one little bit. I wanted to go out somewhere anywhere if I ever had a chance. Kenny has never really been much of a social person, and I was happy to just spend all my time with him - and he with me.

It's been great. Most of our friends have since moved away, also gotten married, joined some branch of the military (moved away), or just plain have a new life with "new people." Leave it to us to create a problem that is difficult to fix, being as it takes years to build those kinds of relationships.

It's really rather ironic. We're both pretty geeky. We both love online "community" things. Kenny loves to play games with people (real friends, not some random person from Switzerland). I like to be fairly involved in "support group" and other such kinds of places. I like to read and research and "better myself" reading medical journals and all sorts of other things.

The funny thing is that even those places have been seriously lacking. All Kenny's friends have decided to do other things, or just don't even play with him for whatever reasons (Does this sound like the life of a 9 year old yet!?). And Me, well... I just plain need human interaction. I'm bad at that, though. Rylee needs it too. She needs a little buddy or two to play with as well.

We're all seriously lacking in the real world these days and have created our own problem and we're both a little frustrated with it.

Also, we have no idea what we'll be doing for Thanksgiving this year. I feel really weird about that being as how I'm usually on top of that at least a month in advance. No one has approaches us about it either, leaving it totally open-ended. We're thinking of "eloping" and completely ditching family this year and going... ....somewhere!

We'll see what happens. Just my (our) stupid sentiments of the day!


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