Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just get over it!

Frustrated. I shouldn't be. The day was great, the weekend was pretty good all in all.

Had dinner with my family Saturday night. I was SO excited about it, I was having withdrawals as I hadn't really seen them much recently. We played Apples to Apples, my Dad and I tied for first. That game is seriously fun for laughs.

We didn't go to church yet again. I'm so sick of that. So sick of not going consistently I could cry (and would if it wouldn't wake Kenny and Rylee up, downside to living all in the same room now). I want teaching, I want fellowship, I want to be spurred on and challenged again. I want to be reading my bible constantly, as a family too. I want to pray before meals and bed with Rylee. I'm hungry for church and need to be in it, and it frustrates me every week that goes by where we do not attend any church in the area. I do not want to be the one always dragging us to church, either. I extremely dislike dragging Kenny, cause then he's grumpy and I hate when he's grumpy, like this evening. It gets me grumpy and ticked.

Tonight I'm sick of life and everything I think about is setting me off. Loads and Loads of laundry for no appreciation, My daughter is the pickiest eater and wastes so much food, I just realized Kenny wasted 1/2 his lunch from this afternoon, I hate the clutter. Oh gosh - I hate the clutter. I hate everything just stuffed and shoved somewhere. I hate having things fall down around me everytime I try and get at another thing.

I hate the dentist. Tomorrow morning I have to get another tooth pulled, and one filled.

Our dog is horrible with housebreaking, but that's the nature of Chihuahua's. Kenny is so frustrated with her it's bugging me. Then there is Rylee's nearly incessant whining. It makes me go crazy when it's stuck in the middle of a conversation or something that is already going on.

Tonight I am mad at the world. A little better. I needed to just write it all out. It's my blog, and I can vent if I want to! Now I'll go work on getting over my idiotic frustrations.


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