Saturday, April 17, 2010


A few months ago Rylee brought home a nasty stomach bug she decided to share with me and caused us both to be laid out flat for a week. She, of course, recovered quicker than I did so it was all I could do to keep her entertained and not be running to the bathroom to puke while Kenny was at work.

When I finally decided food would be awesome  the first thing I did was make myself homemade bread. It was YUMMY.

Then I got sick again. This has got to be the stomach bug from hell! I thought.

About a week later once I was feeling a little better again and I wanted nothing to do with bread a foreboding thought entered my mind: Celiac Disease.

I've known about it for years. When I was first diagnosed with Type 1 8 years ago there were very few websites for diabetics - especially for young diabetics. I spent tons of time on and there were a lot of things on that site about Celiac. So I learned just because I can and I love to learn anything medical.

I knew that being Type 1 was a risk factor for Celiac as it is also a Auto-Immune disease. As soon as that thought entered my head I then started thinking about all the other things that have been "going on" with me the past year and it all just fell into place.

As research addicts do, research I did. I found not only would I need a blood test to 'confirm' I would also need a biopsy of my small intestine to really know. ...So I've been putting it off. Still putting it off.

I hate co-pays. I know that the insurance companies deserve them, it's not a huge co-pay for the amount of 'costs' they cover. Yet, I hate them, so I avoid going into the doctor all the time.

So, there has been a tiny battle going on in my brain for the last couple months: Self diagnose and cut out gluten just to see, or bite the bullet and go in to the doctor? You have to have a minimum of 6 weeks of gluten in your system for the tests to reflect accurately. ...Self diagnose and cut out gluten just to see, or bite the bullet and go in to the doctor?

This week I've gone a couple days 'gluten free' and I've definitely noticed the difference.

With the recent event of my car blowing up I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to do. I'd like to just have the diagnosis - because it's a huge lifestyle change and I'd love to not make it if that's not what the problem is. However that is a lot of money in co-pays that we won't have because of having to buy a new car.

I'm still debating this conundrum in my head even now. Maybe I'll have an answer in a few days! ...or maybe not...


zookeeperjess said...

Ashlyn was tested for Celiac last year because of her small stature, her lack of appetite, lack of weight gain, and bowel problems. She doesn't have it, but we were preparing for if she did. Living gluten free can be so challenging, and from what I've heard from friends who have a gluten free diet, somewhat expensive.

I think once your car stuff is caught up, that you really need to go. You need to find out for sure! I also self diagnose because I had "wasting" (that's how I feel it is when I do something) a copay on me for something that most of the time isn't worth it (to me) so I just don't go. Plus, I'm not a fan of doctors. But I think you really need to go!

Stacie said...

I self-diagnosed my lactose intolerance, but that was an easy one. I have a number of friends and coworkers with celiac disease, and it's really difficult to eliminate-- not only is it somewhat expensive (spelt or whatever instead of flour, gluten-free gummy bears....), it's also inconvenient-- if you're at a potluck or eating at a friend's, there's very little you can eat! I think you should go to the doctor.

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