Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Real Life

Real Life is what I enjoy blogging about. The wonderful thing about blogs is that Real Life is different for every person, for every family.

The Real Life of our family is our own story. One that surrounds Life with A rapidly changing and growing 16 month old, A husband that is on his way back to school this fall, and Life with Diabetes.

I don't write type about my daily struggles for sympathy, attention, recognition or any such thing . I write type about my daily struggles with diabetes - the ups and the downs, the good and the bad, the funny and the frustrating - because it's Real Life for us, for my family, for me.

There are also other aspects I enjoy blogging about, breaking up the posts about the medical life, such as my adorable daughter and wonderful husband. The joys and frustrations of motherhood. How much I love my husband, or he loves me.

Without a functioning Pancreas the Low and High Blood Sugars happen when I try and think for my Pancreas. However, I don't know everything my body is going to do to me or why something may or may not happen - so I wind up with blood sugar swings. They can be frustrating so I write about them.

There are days (today) when I go from 286 to 54 to 48 in the matter of 45 minutes while I'm in the middle of my weekly grocery trip. Those times might require me to rip open a bag of candy and eat it while I'm walking up to the register to pay. At which point there might be a dozen people people glaring at me for doing such a thing.

There are also days where every thing that comes out of my mouth is "No Rylee" "Rylee, please don't do that." "Rylee, we don't feed the puppy sweettarts, please stop" "Rylee, don't climb on..."

Of course there are those days that are just blissfully fun, like Saturday when I got the opportunity to spend a couple hours taking my Sister-In-Laws engagement pictures.

These are all just part of our Real Life. Nothing is picture perfect, and I like that. It keeps things Real. It makes us all the individuals we are. It makes us all have our different opinions and different views of the world.

Although I like to keep things Real, Doom and Gloom isn't my style either. I prefer to see things as they are but as a glass half full in most scenarios. I love the life that God has given me and I appreciate all that it is and all that I have.

That is why I like to blog about life, what our Real Life is for our Individual Family.


Saffy said...

Hi Bee, I was going to send you an email but couldn't see a contact, so here goes :) Thanks for your comment and of course, you have the world's cutest 16 month old :) Love that she's worked out how to get the meter going - our 9 month old takes great interest in it. In fact she smiles when it beeps, so I'm guessing that she too will grow into a Mommy's little hypo helper :)

About clutter - me too sister!! Anything to organise and declutter. If I'm cluttered I get flustered. Silly huh?

And loving that you're keeping it real. Looking forward to keeping up with your musings.

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