Thursday, April 29, 2010


Tuesday I purchased a much coveted (cheap press-board) bookshelf to store some more of my crap on. To help me feel like our stuff is more organized. Cutter makes me go batty, it has to stop somewhere sometime.

Kenny had gotten home from work bright and early that day too. So, while the baby was napping my husband played some video games while I put together my brand new black bookshelf (I have a thing with my wood furniture matching).

Feeling very proud, I sat and took an inventory of all the different pieces of furniture we'd gotten that I had put together myself, or moved myself, got in the car -> out of the car -> and inside myself. I thought "I should ask Kenny if it makes him proud that his wife is such a handy person!"

Lo and Behold when I got it all together and stood it up - I had put those cheap cardboard pieces that go along the back on backward! Instead of a nice beautiful black inside to match the rest of my black shelf it was gray cardboard. In my loud exclamation Kenny looked up from his game, saw the problem, and laughed. With good reason!

I laid it back down on the floor and tried to take those mean little nails out of the cardboard without ruining it - a much harder feat than it looked. I tried and tried before asking for help because, you know, I'm prideful like that.  Finally I asked Kenny to help me (after he'd offered several times) he got the nails out without causing much damage.

Able now to start over on that last little detail I did it right. Stood it up and was happy with it. I decided I wouldn't ask Kenny if it makes him proud that his wife is so handy. He'd probably just laugh at me. Besides, it turns out I wasn't as handy as I thought I was!

An amusing dose of humility to my week. Thank you bookshelf, for getting the better of me.


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