Saturday, April 24, 2010

Only the Child of a Diabetic!

Last night I had a nasty low blood sugar. The kind that make you want to eat everything you can get your hands on. Weak, sweaty, hungry just needing food.

It took me several tries to get my blood sugar because I was so spacey from the low. After the number finally clocked in at 48mg/dl I made my way upstairs to shovel food in.

Afterward I climbed back into bed and forgot to put my meter away. This morning as I was trying to clean up other things and only realized I left my meter down where Rylee could get it after seeing this:

Only the child of a diabetic! My 16 month old already understands how to work my meter! Ha! She'll be great at babying her mommy when she needs it. It's bittersweet that she should even 'need' to know those things. It's the hand of cards I've been dealt, though! So, we make the best of it and find amusement in the little things!


Jillian said...

aahhh! Well my BFF growing up was diabetic and I used to come home and play with toys and pretend they were taking my blood sugar!

FatCatAnna said...

That is too cute for words. You never know, maybe Rylee will go into the medical field and find a cure for diabetes! Let's not say that to her right now tho' - Mum's the word - too much pressure as she's only 16 months old - I'm getting ahead of myself - but still - she knows how to operate your BG meter! :)

Hannah Im said...

What a sweetie! And a smartie too :-)

Wisdom Teeth Pain said...

u have a cute child..ur child is too supportive..she always help u when u need it

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