Thursday, April 15, 2010

Living to our potential

Wouldn't it figure that just as soon as we're able to start saving money, instead of spending to get ahead, everything would go awry?

I went back to work for the first time in nearly 3 weeks today. 

This payday I made the decision to buy curtains to finish off "the look" of our room (and hide my storage bins) to maintain my sanity. It was going to be the last thing I was going to buy toward that end for quite awhile. I'm sick of spending money on this darn little area. Upon bringing the curtains home it became evident that I bought them 2 feet too short.

I made my trip back to Target this morning to exchange them, in doing so I also found what looked to be the cutest tank top to wear at work because I had planned my wardrobe poorly for the newfound spring weather (AND it was 75% off!). Only to realize it was a jumpsuit tank top, not JUST a tank top! Haha!

My stomach has been having problems lately - serious frustrating problems. I've felt pretty sure for several months now that I have something along the lines of Celiac  Disease and have put off getting actually tested for it because I'm a cheapskate and don't want deal with the numerous co-pays it will take to get all the proper testing done. I have cut gluten out of my diet just to see if there is a difference and there certainly is. I resolved today that I'm going to bite the bullet and actually go to the doctor to have the testing done.

Go figure it would also happen today that my car just dies. Driving home about a mile and a half - two mils from home and it just quit on me. Not a battery thing either. The engine more or less exploded, probably due to a lack of oil because of an oil leak.

Now I'm carless and we're having to shop for a new one.

It's really inconvenient timing (as if a dead car is ever convenient!). With Kenny going back to school, we're trying to save money (especially for a new insulin pump for me with mine out of warranty), I'll be, once again, set back and continuing in my super cheapskate ways and delaying the blood tests a little longer. I'd really just love to get the Dexcom system I've talked about before and that's another huge Durable Medical Equipment co-pay, like my insulin pump.

I think God allows these things in our lives to encourage us to live up to our full potential. Taking life in stride as it comes to us. I try to do my best, and have taken the whole car-exploding-thing quite well this evening. It's "par for the course" and, well, doesn't phase me as much as it should.

Of course when I sit down and think it all out I get a little more depressed about it, knowing how much we'll have to spend to get a "new to me" car. We just paid off our credit card and I'm bummed about having to put money back on it. Tonight I feel like we have taken many steps backward and are gaining no forward motion, like we have planned on.

Again, we are being spurred on to live to our full potential. How will we handle this hurdle? How will we deal with everything that is thrown at us? I don't know! We'll take one day at a time. For now, I'm not sweating the car. It's just a thing. God knew this was going to happen. It will all work out somehow, though I have NO idea how yet!


Amy said...

About the gluten...I was told by my doctor that sometimes the best way to diagnos gluten issues is to just eliminate your intake and then add them back in after a few weeks. Sometimes that's a better diagnosis than the bloodwork because that's often negative and then you need a biopsy to confirm.'re on the right track. It'll be much cheaper to do an elimination diet-and you can do that now instead of after you deal with the car.

Layne said...

I think you are right when you say He knew it would happen. As much as it sucks, wouldn't it suck more if you were still paying rent on your own place? In some ways the timing was "perfect." Sometimes it makes me feel better to try to look at crappy situations like that and think how they could have been worse and thank the Lord that they weren't! ;-)

Good luck with the gluten-thing. That's a bummer . . hope you feel better soon!


Jenny said... sound like you have stepped into my life! My husband and I have been working on saving money to pay off my student loans. Wouldn't you know it...after visiting the dentist Wednesday, I have to have a root call. Good-bye $500! Then, in a few weeks, a crown. Good-bye another $500! Seems like these things happen all the time. Oh well! I am constantly trying to remind myself to be thankful for all that I have, even if things don't go exactly how I had them all planned out!

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