Monday, April 19, 2010


Frustrated just doesn't quite sum it up properly.

My blood sugar has been running high all day. Nothing below a 280. I've been taking extra insulin ALL.DAY.LONG. Doubling the amount of insulin I'd normally to take for food, I was starving so wanted to eat anyways.

My sweet husband took me to my Pilates class tonight, since my car is dead. We stopped off at Arby's for a nice "date" dinner without the kiddo, who my in-laws were watching for us, because they are awesome.

I check my blood sugar after getting home and what do I find from my meter?! "HIGH BLOOD GLUCOSE" Which means it's well over 600mg/dl. This, frankly, pissed me off. I already changed my site once today - only a day after my last site. 3rd Insulin Pump site in a day!

The emotion that describes my feelings that moment: Rage. All I could see was $ signs at the thought of putting in yet another site.

After putting in a new site I continued with the normal routine of loading a new vial (cartridge) of insulin only to find that my Insulin Pump seemed to not be working! "Great. That's just what I need. A broken car to replace and a broken insulin pump." Rage.

I was about ready to break loose with a mountain of tears. I held off until I called the wonderful people at Animas they helped me figure out that my pump isn't broken! Hooray!

Here's the irony, though: The problem is with the pump tubing given to me from CVS Pharmacy - who gave me hell a couple months ago!!!

The privilege has been bestowed upon me of calling them up tomorrow and demanding a new box of sets because I've had to waste so many tonight!

I'm very pleased, blessed that my pump isn't broken. Really ticked at the high blood sugar. I don't feel crappy right now, just thirsty as can be. I know I'll feel just terrible once it starts getting back into normal range. But, again, I'm just thankful my pump isn't broken. I'm not sure I'd have been able to bounce back real well after that breaking too.

Onto a better day tomorrow!


sweets said...

Hey! Glad the pump's not broken!

Pop over to mine to collect your Happy 101 award :)

Jenny said...

PRAYING, PRAYING, PRAYING! I too, am trying to remember how much I am blessed in the middle of a mess! Hope tomorrow is better!

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