Saturday, February 13, 2010


Okay, I'm more of a sane person again, so I thought an update and recap would be appropriate right about now. Haha!
Starting 5 months ago I thought it would be a good idea to get some more supplies ordered on my new insurance plan through Kenny's work. I had a huge back up of my Insulin, Infusion Sets, Cartridges and Test Strips.
It had been many months since I ordered more, I figured it was about time to get going on that. I had no idea how this new insurance would work out for my prescriptions other than that it was supposed to be about $50 for 3 months of mail ordered supplies. We had only been on that insurance for 6ish months and I, at the time, was in no hurry to learn the ropes.

We confirmed that my Inset Infusion Sets were covered with my insurance plan. I spoke to my doctors office, had them call in the appropriate prescriptions to CVS. Simple enough, right? Well, I thought it was.

When I checked my order online a week later to see where it was in the process I realized that they were sending me the wrong one of 2 possible types. Figuring it was my doctors fault for calling in the wrong ones I called CVS, canceled it, asked my doctor to put through the right one.

A couple weeks later I got a letter stating that the most recent order of Infusion sets was canceled because they were not covered under my plan. ::sigh:: Oh well. I'll just call them and see what's up.

I was told that they are covered. I order them. Again a few weeks later I'm told they are not covered and the order is canceled. Repeat several more times over the course of a few months because it takes them a couple weeks to "process" each prescription then tell me it's not coming.

Then we come to January. I finally get a 4 way conference call going on and between everyone we finally figure out what exactly is covered by my insurance company, what I can order and what the exact code I need to give whoever I talk to next time I have issues.

Called my doctors office, yet again, had them send over that exact order to CVS. Who then took a full week to process the prescription, and I told them I needed it expedited because they had screwed around with me for so long. CVS also screwed up and instead of Over-nighting these Infusion Sets to me (after we informed them I need urgently) they shipped the package, not 2day, or 3day but UPS Ground. From Florida to Washington. Suffice to say, I was upset.

THEN: (Oh yes, there is more) I get a call: they sent me the wrong ones.

How could this happen? I was out of Infusion Sets. I was already back to shots for a couple days which was causing me problems. I wanted my Infusion Sets. I needed my Infusion Sets. I need to be on my Insulin Pump. Life is so much better when I'm on an insulin pump with a little munchkin to chase after. Yes, there is tubing that she could accidentally rip out, but that's not so bad compared to actually feeling good and up to taking care of her.

I sat down and cried after that call. Kenny got on the phone after he was already an hour out of town. He pulled over on the side of the road and spent an hour on the phone doing battle for me. He got them to expedite the processing and overnight the RIGHT prescriptions. I had to wait an extra day because my doctor wasn't in the office that particular day. At least I was still going to get the right prescriptions by Thursday.

....or so I thought.

Thursday came, I waited around all day for that box of prescriptions to get here, it finally came...

...they were the wrong ones. Seriously. The ones that were supposed to be the "right ones" because they sent me the "wrong ones" turned out to still be the "wrong ones."

I, once again, wound up waiting around ALL.DAY. on Friday to get that original package that took nearly 2 weeks to get here. It came and those were the right ones!

The funny thing is that when I went to put one in today I realized that the tubing is nearly as long as I am tall! I was supposed to get the 23" tubing not the 43" tubing. I'm 5 feet tall, I don't need that extra crap to get in my way or for Rylee to play with (although she is very good about leaving it alone). Oh well, I can deal with that because at least I'll get my insulin delivered to me properly.5 months of insanity. Mostly finished. I'm sure I will run into problems next time I go to order because I'll need to make sure I get the right tubing, so I'll allow myself an extra month to let them screw up. I can sleep better now. No more major breakdowns. Much better, much happier. Now back to a more normal kind of life, hopefully without all this drama!


Samantha said...

oh gosh, you poor thing. It's utterly disgusting that you've had to deal with this :( I'm not too sure how the insurance thing works out over there, but is it a common thing?

Bee said...

No, it's not a common thing. My last insurance was nothing like this at all. It does seem to be common when dealing with this contracted pharmacy, though.

Anonymous said...

Find out what other contracted pharmacies/DME providers your insurance works with.. This is horrid service...

You might want to find a pharmacy/DME which has experience with insulin pumps because CVS sure doesn't have a clue

I use Neighborhood Diabetes, but theres also Edgepark and other providers who have experience in this field

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