Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring is in the Air

After it has gotten flesh bitingly cold, the days have grown short and dark, and eventually they are filled with snow for weeks on end it starts to come back around.

The days start to become long again, it starts to warm up and allows you to not have a heater on 24/7 just to keep your house bearable. And then - the sun comes out and there is a brilliant blue sky.

I love all the seasons, yes, even summer. I say I hate it because my body doesn't deal well with the heat. But I love the variety they provide, even more than that, though, I love how they represent life.

Spring is a wonderful reminder to me of New Life, and a chance to start over, to start fresh. Winter is a seemingly long and difficult time in life - yet a necessary one. Summer is enjoyment of life. Fall, just a time to relax.

Spring is coming now and I LOVE it. It makes me feel so alive and ready to just go out and DO whatever may come my way. I get excited about everything and all the potential in life.

This spring is really a new season for me. This time I've got a baby girl to take care of. Its so exciting for me to watch her grow and change every day. She's always exhibiting some new behavior, this morning she was grabbing at this silly glow seahorse toy I bought for her and she was just happy as a clam to sit and look at it while I was taking a shower. This is quite an improvement from a month ago - didn't matter what I put with her I'd have about 5 minutes before she'd be fed up and need me to hold her again.

I love so much how sweet and loving babies are. Doesn't matter how much she was crying one moment - the next she looks at me with the most loving eyes I've seen.

I wish we could be more like that, more forgiving and love unconditionally all the time. We can't always understand why people do the things they do, and yet we get so mad at them and hate them without knowing anything. It's just sad to me, and yet I'm just as guilty of it as anyone.

I think this song sums it up well:


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