Thursday, March 5, 2009

To my Mommy


This woman is amazing. I have no idea how she has done it!

Now having my own bundle of fun I am amazed beyond words at my mother.

I remember having her paint my fingernails to be pretty like hers. I loved going on walks to stores nearby our house with her and my baby brother and later my baby sister. She'd let me help her plant seeds in her garden and flowers in her flower pots. I got to help her make breakfast a lot - I loved that. Pulling a chair over to the kitchen counter and I'd do my best to be a help to her making pancakes (I was probably a lot more trouble than ANY help, but she never let me know it!). My mommy made most of her food from scratch, and it tasted so good!
I have not inherited that wonderful gene, fortunately my sister has!

I often sit and look at Rylee and LOVE her, and while I love her - I just cannot imagine being pregnant again AND parenting her. Then I think about how amazing my mother is - she did it **5** times! And wonder of wonders - I don't remember her ever neglecting us for another kid!

She always made sure we had something yummy to eat for all meals. She nearly always tried to cook us a good home made dish - I never appreciated that more than I do now. Its so wonderful. I love going home to eat some of her cooking. ...I need some of her fried chicken right now...

She was always there when I was sick. Stayed at the hospital with me when I was diagnosed with diabetes, and did her best to help me learn how to live with it and was very supportive.

She was fantastic helping me plan my wedding. She was supportive with whatever I wanted to do and offered advice when I needed it. - And she was a beautiful mother of the bride!

Now with my baby, I love that she's there for me to call on whenever I need to! She's gone through it 5 times and I know that she'll be able to at least lend me moral support when I need it!

I love my mommy. She's been amazing and loving. I know she wishes she could do more, but she's done so much for us already, I don't know how she could. Here's to an amazing woman!


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