Saturday, March 28, 2009

How could I be so fortunate?

My husband is the greatest.

I really just cannot properly put into words my love and adoration for this man. We've been through a lot together the last almost 5 years. I have been far far far from perfect - and tonight he says "I'm not a very lucky person, but when God was letting me pick my luckiness I stored it all up for my wife and got the best one there is." He is SO sweet!

Yes, he can be irritating - and yes, he does it on purpose more times than not. He can be a total dork - but I love him for that! He always means well. I think the amount of times I've gotten flowers from him I could count on one hand, but thats okay. He has bought me jewelry three times - a pair of earrings and my engagement ring and my wedding ring - and I love those 3 pieces of jewelry, and was quite heartbroken last summer when I lost an earring swimming!

He's such a great dad and so sweet to his daughter! I know she's got his heart around her finger, and mine too. I'm excited to see how our lives will continue to change and be molded as our years together will roll on. As we learn about our daughter and parenting. As our love for each other grows.

He is so good to me I don't know how the Lord could have allowed me such an amazing man! He makes me want to do better in everything! I want to be the best I can for him. Taking care of my Type 1 Diabetes riddled body, staying in the best shape I can for him, taking care of our finances as best as possible, being understanding and loving to him. Allowing him the little luxuries he wants is the least I can do to this man who is so kind and loving

He puts up with my silly antics and it takes a very special person to be able to handle that!
I'm so glad God picked us for eachother - we're too weird for anyone else!

Both totally love our stupid gadgets and "need" them. We have the same stupid and VERY twisted sense of humor most people don't get and just give the weirdest looks for. We have our own perspectives on parenting and life in general. I have yet to make him change a diaper of Rylee's - and every one seems to frown upon that. But really, I don't care that he doesn't do that! If I did I'd have forced it upon him a long time ago, and I wouldn't have as happy and willing a husband to help me with other things. Diapers are so trivial to me, I appreciate it more when he holds her for a few minutes to do other things or helps me clean up in other areas.

Yes, we love eachother, there is no doubt about that! I love so much this man God has put with me forever and ever!


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