Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To my Dad

My Daddy:

As a little girl I remember having tea parties with my daddy, I had the most awesome sesame street tea set that turned purple when the dishes were hot or cold (I don't remember which now). He taught me how to tie shoes at 4 years old when I kept untieing his shoes over and over thinking it was hilarious.
Taught me how to ride a bike and make friends with people wherever we moved. He would sing a song to me most every night for bed, specifically "Take me in", it's little known I've found, but it is still just as amazing to me, if not more.

He tried SO hard to provide for his family. He worked as a salesman for a long time, I remember him going to Yakima so frequently that every time he left in the mornings I would cry to him "daddy I don't want you to go to Yakima!"
His business changed over the years, from the basement of a house we lived in, to several offices around town and as a little girl I spent countless hours with my little brother playing in these offices allowing our imaginations to run. He taught me the importance of a good work ethic.

We had fun, still have fun! Once we were rough housing and he picked me up and threw me, fully clothed with awana verses in hand into the bath tub where my little brother was having a lovely bubble bath. I've never been one to allow such thing to go... ...unpunished. The next day mom made fudge and I took one of those pieces of fudge, scooped a hole out of it, filled it with dish soap and then "sealed" it back up with the fudge pieces I scooped out. I then gave it to my dad to eat. Oh it was so funny. Aaaaaand it got me temporarily locked out of the house when I was running away from him! Haha!

My daddy has taught me how to love God. He has taught me A LOT about the bible and I have a very firm faith foundation because of him. I, like most kids, had my times where I was a troublesome case for parents. Certainly put him through a lot because of my own self-worth issues. Poor guy wanted to help but didn't know how to. He prayed for me, and that's what I needed. He is such a prayer warrior, I love him for it.

He's gone through his times. He hasn't always been perfect. But he has tried to. He has tried to raise his family and provide for his family best he could. I know he looks back to his past far too often and I think it keeps him from moving forward. He is full of could, shoulda, wouldas and I wish he would let such things go far quicker than he does. But it is because he tries so hard that he is full of doubts.

So full of desire to learn and get closer to our Lord and Savior. So full of love for his wife and family. I thank him for all he has tried to do for us and all he has taught me about life.


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