Sunday, March 22, 2009

The ups aaaaaaand then the downs

Being Type 1 diabetic having good blood sugar control is VERY important to living. When I found out I was pregnant last year my control was terrible. I was just starting to try and get it back under control, but I wanted to do it at my own pace.

I guess God knew me better than that and sent a baby my way. Its amazing what one will do when another life is involved! I whipped my butt into shape right away and got it as under control as quickly as I possibly could. And I did a fantastic job! It was SO wearying and beyond frustrating at times, but my adorable little girl was so worth it.

Now, after having had such great control for so long when my blood sugars are out of control I feel SO terrible. This week pretty much took the cake for me.

After my blood sugars had been trending upwards for a couple days I messed around with my insulin pump so hopefully that'd make it work better. No dice. So I do that twice more and nothing helps - meanwhile my blood sugar is in the 400's and I just feel like crap. Finally I decide my insulin is bad and I go to the pharmacy to get some more. I put that in my insulin pump, then ate pizza for dinner (not the best idea!) after that my blood sugar is a LOVELY 595! ...turns out that part of my pump I've "fixed" three times now is STILL not working, so I did it again - this time it works. aaaaaand its shortly followed by several low blood sugars sending my body into a crazy state of "What the Heck is Going On!?!?"

A song that brings back many highschool memories sums the last few days up well for me:


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