Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh the wonder!

In our new world of parenting things are always interesting!

When trying to mentally prepare myself for a baby I was remembering how my siblings were as infants - I remembered being spit-up on, puked on, cleaned up nasty messes, helping them learn to crawl and walk... All the joys.

Nothing really can prepare you for your own, though! Everyone says that, and all you can really do is just smile and laugh about it. But it's so true!

Today Kenny and I were working on our taxes together, he was eating the chicken nuggets I had just made him, and Rylee was laying on the couch next to him all happy and curious about the world. Kenny takes it upon himself to put the tiniest dab of Ketchup on Rylee's tongue. We look at her and her face kinda has this - "I don't think I like that" expression and then the next moment she starts crying the SADDEST cry ever! Oh so funny, and SO sad at the same time!

Just amazes me how much of a blank slate a baby is. SO impressionable, and so funny when they discover new things.


In other news I have been thinking a lot about my family recently and each day will be writing a tribute to one of them.


Hannah Im said...

Wooohoooo, I am so honored to be able to leave the very first comment on the very first post of your very first blog~!!!

FYI, I was Kenny's Sunday School teacher for awhile when he was in elementary school. Unbelievable!

Good luck on your blog! Enjoy it.

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