Monday, June 8, 2009

::Ding!!:: Stick a Fork in Me!!!

I'm sitting "alone" at home this evening. Munchkin is fast asleep in her crib. Poor Hubby is asleep on the couch next to me with a massive headache.

Its been an interesting day. Hubby didn't work today so we ended up going to Best Buy bright and early this morning to help get his secondary computer up and running. He has been working on it for a couple weeks now, to serve the purpose of being able to take it with him when he goes out of town for work (and, the gamer in him cannot help it, for taking to others' houses and being able to play games with them).

My lack of motivation to do anything this last week has continued on to today. I just wanted to lay around and sleep or do nothing. Forcing myself to clean things up and play with Munchkin - was good for me. Yet, I'm still stuck there.

Late this afternoon I dropped Kenny off at his Sisters house so he could "play" with her husband. I then went....... Pants Shopping.

Its been a year and a half since I have bought "real" pants for myself. I bought 2 pairs while pregnant - and had to resign myself to "its for a very short time and I'm just going to look more and more ridiculous, there's no point in obsessing." I hate shopping for pants. With a Passion.
Whenever I do this it takes at the very least 2 days to find a pair that I like, usually about a week, though. That was pre-baby! My body's shape isn't that much different - but enough that after today has me down and depressed.

Shopping was after Munchkin toppled over smacking her head against the corner of our side table, leaving a nice line and slight bruise. Poor thing.

After I had nearly given up I had found one more pair to try on and while I was waiting for a fitting room to open I continued to look around. Munchkin grabbed the hanger for the pants I had in my arm and started playing with it. Next thing I know she's screaming hysterically! Oh look, she had managed to get the hook part of the hanger lodged in her mouth under her gums!

I got it out as quickly and gently as I could while she was screaming, flung the pants on the nearest rack of clothing and left as quickly as possible to calm her down. I felt so horrible I had allowed it to happen and the adrenaline had rushed through my body so quickly I was shaking. Its amazing children make it to adulthood - but more amazing is that we adults don't die of heart attacks more often!

Having had quite enough of a day already I picked up Hubby a little later. He passed out on the couch and I played with, fed, and nursed to sleep the Munchkin - but not before I got myself some Strawberry Shortcake that I had planned on Hubby and I having tonight. As I was placing the Strawberries back into the refrigerator I dropped the bowl full of sliced strawberries and it broke - flinging those darn gooey berries everywhere!

Now, I'll see if I can score some cuddle time with Hubby and pray for a new and less full of the continued crazies. I feel beyond done! Stick a Fork in Me Already!


Jenny said...

I feel your pain with the dreaded pants shopping! I can shop for shirts and dresses all day long with no problem, but the second you throw pants into the mix...I'm depressed! I hope you have a great rest of the week!

Jessi said...

sorry you had a crummy day!

you are right, it IS amazing that kids make it to adulthood and even more amazing we don't die from heart attacks. my kids - my son especially - attempt to give me a heart attack almost daily. my son just fell off the computer chair and got hurt really bad. lots of blood and a bruised face with that !

i hate shopping for pants too. i used to complain about my body pre-baby but boy oh boy if i could go back and tell myself to shut up i sure would!

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